Entomology and Pest Management
Deployment Pest Management: Reporting Pesticide Use for Archiving 
Information from the USAPHC pertaining to reporting pesticide use for archiving.

Archiving Pesticide Use During Military Operations

Archiving pesticide use data is important to document Soldiers' environmental exposures as part of deployment health surveillance.  DoD and DA require that all pesticides used during military operations, excluding arthropod skin and clothing repellents, be recorded, reported and archived in accordance with (DoDI 4150.07, DoD Pest Management Program; DoDI 6490.03, Deployment Health).
Reporting Pesticide Use During Military Operations

Deployed units are required to record pesticide use and send reports directly to the USAPHC for archiving.  These reports should be consolidated and forwarded to the USAPHC monthly.  Deployed units are requested to submit reports in electronic spreadsheet format via e-mail as the preferred method for archiving. Access Pest Management Report (DD Form 1532)/Pest Management Maintenance Record (DD Form 1532-1) in Excel spreadsheet format. external link Mailing address and FAX numbers are also provided below.



ATTN:  MCHB-TC-OEN (Archiving Pesticides Coordinator)
5158 Blackhawk Road
Aberdeen Proving Ground , MD 21010-5403 .

Fax:     DSN 584-2037 or COM 410-436-2037

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                b.   DoD Instruction 6490.03, Deployment Health, 11 August 2006 external link (Certified Current as of Sep 30, 2011)