Entomology and Pest Management

The Flame-Resistant Army Combat Uniform factory treated with Permethrin, or the FR ACU-P, is a key component of the DoD
Insect Repellent System. Wearing this uniform properly, along with using DEET insect repellent on exposed skin, will decrease to almost zero the Soldier’s chances of contracting an insect-borne disease. 

  • Wearing a permethrin-treated uniform provides safe, effective protection against biting insects that cause annoyance, injury and disease.
  • In addition to military uniforms, permethrin is registered by the EPA as a repellent suitable for clothing worn by adults and children.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend wearing permethrin-treated clothing for disease prevention.


The uniform offers safe, effective, permanent protection in the battle against insect-borne disease.

• Scientific studies and the National Research Council confirm that permethrin-treated clothing is safe for humans, even when worn for long periods of time.
• The permethrin treatment does not reduce the uniform’s flame resistant properties.
• Soldiers have worn permethrin‐treated uniforms since the early 1990s with no adverse effects.
• Soldier uniforms are treated by the same companies that produce permethrin-treated
civilian clothing for adults and children.


Malaria, Lyme disease, dengue, and leishmaniasis are some of the insect-borne diseases
that are a health threat to Soldiers in training and in combat. Fly, tick, mosquito, mite, and
ant bites can lead to secondary infections, dermatitis, or allergic reactions.

• A properly worn permethrin‐treated uniform is the Soldier’s first line of defense against
insects that transmit diseases.
• The CDC and WHO recommend permethrin‐treated clothing to protect against insects that transmit diseases.
• After 20 years of Army use, permethrin has a proven track record in preventing many of the diseases that affect Soldiers in the field.


Both the FR ACU-P trouser and blouse are labeled with a statement that the fabric
has been factory-treated with permethrin insect repellent.

• The FR ACU-P will protect the wearer against insect bites for the lifetime of
the uniform.
• The FR ACU-P does not require any special laundering, drying, or pressing, and
should not be dry cleaned.
• Weather and water will not affect the repellent properties of the FR ACU-P.