Health Risk Assessment, Surveillance, and Management

Recommended training courses and materials related to the subject of health risk assessment, surveillance and management.

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Health Risk Communication Training(Sponsor: USAPHC) This on-site course provides an understanding of the concepts, principles, and process of effective risk communication. Participants learn to strategically plan for effectively addressing public and/or worker concerns that affect mission success. The research-based risk communication principles presented are effective in planning for and addressing concerns related to health, environmental, deployment, Homeland Security, and occupational health issues.
Health Risk Communication Training - Onsite TrainingOn-site Training Requests: The requesting organization assumes responsibility to arrange for the training site and to MIPR the cost of travel, per diem, and any other associated course costs to USAPHC.
Operational Risk Management Course - On-site Training(Co-sponsored with the National Center for Medical Intelligence) A 3-day course on Operational Risk Management (ORM) for Deployment Occupational and Environmental Health Surveillance (DOEHS). The target audience would be Preventive Medicine (PM) staff officers, and NCOs; Medical Detachment Commanders and NCOICs; and PHC subordinate command project officers. Service members from all components and civilian personnel are also welcome. The intent of the course is to train PM personnel in translating medical and environmental data into common Army ORM language that can be readily understood by field commanders. Students will learn how the ORM process applies to industrial chemicals, vector-borne and zoonotic diseases as well as ionizing radiation. Using AFMIC resources, students will learn how to perform environmental Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield. Support to current military operations and situational practical exercises will also assist in reinforcing DOEHS ORM concepts. On-site Training Requests: The requesting facility/location assumes responsibility to arrange for the training site and to MIPR the cost of travel, per diem, and any other associated course costs to USAPHC.

Public Health Command Resource Documents

Risk Communication Tips for Military Personnel Involved in the March 2011 Japan CrisisPHC Technical Information PaperPDF-Portable Document Format
Operation Tomodachi - Crisis and Emergency Risk CommunicationPHC Technical Information PaperPDF-Portable Document Format
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