Health Risk Assessment, Surveillance, and Management
Military Exposure Surveillance Library 

The Military Exposure Surveillance Library (MESL) provides preventive medicine personnel with the ability to submit, search, view and download OEHS data. Visit the library - external link (account required).

Click here to view the brochure for the Military Exposure Surveillance Library external link

Examples of data include:

  • Pre-deployment Site Surveys
  • Basecamp Assessments
  • Preventive Medicine Unit Reports
  • Preventive Medicine Situational Reports
  • Analytical Summaries
  • After Action Reports
  • Preventive Medicine Reports
  • Photographs
  • Entomology Surveillance/Control
  • Rodent Surveillance/Control
  • Industrial Hygiene Assessments
  • Briefings (Medical Threat, OPD/NCOPD, etc.)
  • Food and Water Health Risk Assessments

How To Submit OEHS Data

OEHS Data Submittal via MESL

          Under the Document Library menu select Submit Document

OEHS Data Submittal via E-mail
          OEHS Data should be submitted via unencrypted email to the following addresses:
          Note: When sending e-mail do not encrypt or electronically sign the message.

OEHS Data Submittal via Mail
          ATTN: MCHB-TS-RDD
          5158 Blackhawk Road
          Building E-1675
          APG, MD 21010-5403