Health Risk Assessment, Surveillance, & Management
Military Exposure Surveillance Library 

The Military Exposure Surveillance Library (MESL) provides preventive medicine personnel with the ability to submit, search, view and download OEHS data. Visit the library - external link (account required).

Click here to view the brochure for the Military Exposure Surveillance Library external link

Examples of data include:

  • Pre-deployment Site Surveys
  • Basecamp Assessments
  • Preventive Medicine Unit Reports
  • Preventive Medicine Situational Reports
  • Analytical Summaries
  • After Action Reports
  • Preventive Medicine Reports
  • Photographs
  • Entomology Surveillance/Control
  • Rodent Surveillance/Control
  • Industrial Hygiene Assessments
  • Briefings (Medical Threat, OPD/NCOPD, etc.)
  • Food and Water Health Risk Assessments

How To Submit OEHS Data

OEHS Data Submittal via MESL

          Under the Document Library menu select Submit Document

OEHS Data Submittal via E-mail
          OEHS Data should be submitted via unencrypted email to the following addresses:
          Note: When sending e-mail do not encrypt or electronically sign the message.

OEHS Data Submittal via Mail
          ATTN: MCHB-TS-RDD
          5158 Blackhawk Road
          Building E-1675
          APG, MD 21010-5403