Military Nutrition Environment Assessment Tool 



The Military Nutrition Environment Assessment Tool  (m-NEAT) is designed to assess a military community’s environment and its policies related to promoting and supporting healthy eating.  Come back soon for more information. 


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The Go for Green program is the Army's dining facility nutrition education program. Go for Green is a nutritional recognition labeling system providing the Soldier with a quick assessment of the nutritional value of menu offerings and food products in the dining facility. The menu offerings and food items are labeled green (eat often), amber (eat occasionally), and red (eat rarely) based on the impact the food can have on a Soldier's performance. For example, foods labeled green are high performance foods that can positively impact a Soldier's performance and foods labeled red are performance inhibiting foods which can negatively impact Soldier performance. The program has posters and menu cards for the serving line providing explanation of the Color coding system.

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m-NEAT helps DoD communities measure accessibility to healthy food options. m-NEAT appraisals assess environmental factors and policies at the community level that support healthy eating. The tool was developed to help health promotion professionals, commanding officers, and others in the DoD community measure accessibility to healthy food options.