Healthy Living 

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Information, education, and training for health professionals on standardized, evidence-based health promotion and wellness programs and tools using science-based metrics to measure program impact and effectiveness. Information on health promotion policy implementation and policy changes at the Department of the Army, Department of Defense, TRICARE Management Activity, and Health Affairs levels.


Find out about the history, development and launch of Healthy People 2020 external link.

National Prevention Strategy external link released 16 June 2011.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) Instruction 3405.01: Total Force Fitness Framework, 1 September 2011external link


Top has the design element for the Guide to Community Preventive Services Task Force with the tagline, What Works to Promote Health. Text at the bottom reads, An online resource to helpapply evidence-based intervention strategies. Image is a red toolbox with various tools, such as a hammer, saw and level, sticking out the top.




Active Living

Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health.

Alcohol and Substance Misuse

Information and topics pertaining to alcohol and substance misuse.

Behavioral Health

Information on stress control, sexual assault, social work, suicide prevention and workplace violence.

Health Promotion and Education

Descriptions and updates on community resources, training and continuing education for health promotion coordinators and healthcare and fitness professionals involved in health promotion.

Men's Health

Information related to issues of men's health.


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Oral Fitness

Oral fitness is essential for unit readiness. The best way to maintain oral fitness is to prevent dental disease from developing in the first place.

Performance Triad

Information on the sleep, nutrition, and activity topics covered under the Performance Triad Campaign.

Responsible Sexual Behavior & Health

information for female Soldiers and leaders of female Soldiers provides strategies and resources for effectively ensuring the health and readiness of female Soldiers with the least amount of impact on the day-to-day mission of the unit


Explanation of how sleep is integral to good health, readiness and resiliency as part of the Performance Triad.

Soldier Medical Readiness Campaign

The SMR-CP was established in 2011 by the Army Surgeon General & is a 5-year campaign, with the goal of increasing the medical readiness of the Army. This page focuses on health promotion, human performance optimization & injury prevention efforts.

Tobacco-Free Living

Tobacco-free living benefits soldiers by giving them an opportunity to maintain a healthier lifestyle, decrease the health risks associated with tobacco use, and make them better able to perform their mission.

Women's Health Portal

Information on women's health topics.