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Since the days of the American Revolutionary War, women have served a vital role in the U.S. fighting forces and they continue to be a significant source of strength for our nation.  Today, women make up nearly 15% of our active duty Army and they serve in 93% of all Army occupations.  As our nation approaches one decade of combat in our fight against terrorism, women have maintained a crucial role in military operations and their sacrifices underscore their dedication and willingness to serve.

As women have expanded into different roles in our military ranks, it has become clear that the heart of a Warrior is not limited to one gender.   Increasing service opportunities for women have  been accompanied by an increased need for health-related resources and support specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of our female service members.  This Women’s Health Portal has been designed to help meet those needs by providing service members, leaders and family members with up-to-date information about a variety of women’s health topics to include: health and wellness, self-care, and health considerations for the deployed environment.

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    Breastfeeding Resources

    Information on benefits of breastfeeding and resources to support breastfeeding.

    Deployment Health

    Information on women's deployment health.

    Health and Wellness

    Information on women's health and wellness topics.

    Mental Health and Substance Abuse

    Information on mental health and substance abuse as it relates to women's health.


    Information pertaining to pregnancy.

    Sexual Health

    Information on women's sexual health.

    Violence Prevention

    Information and resource links to resources related to domestic violence or sexual assault.

    What's New in Women's Health?

    Information on hot topics in women's health.

    Women's Health Portal - Self Care Charts

    Information that can assist you in managing minor ailments without needing to see a provider.