Industrial Hygiene
Army Asbestos Program:

Army IH assists in providing policy and guidance to installations to help them develop and implement asbestos management programs.
Through onsite consultations and training, Army IH provides Army installations with the latest asbestos information.

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Developing and Implementing an Asbestos Control Program

 Installation Asbestos Management Program external link icon (U.S. Army Center for Public Works Technical Bulletin (PWTB) 420-70-8) is a guidebook that is intended to help installations comply with Army policy by developing and implementing an effective management program.

Performing Asbestos Inspections

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers scopes of work for asbestos inspections:  Asbestos Surveys and Assessments Standard Scope of Work
external link icon (EP 1110-1-22).
This pamphlet provides guidance on developing scopes of work for inspection and survey of real property facilities on Army installations in accordance with  Installation Asbestos Management Program external link icon (U.S. Army Public Works Technical Bulletin (PWTB) 420-70-8), to identify, document, and develop a plan for the control or elimination of asbestos hazards.

 OSHA Self-Inspection Checklist: Asbestos external link icon

Planning and Performing Asbestos Abatement Work

Unified Facilities Guide Specifications:
 Asbestos Hazard Control Activities external link icon (UFGS-02 83 14.00 10) covers building abatement work.

 Pre-Design Lead/Asbestos Survey Standard Scope of Work external link icon (EP 1110-1-30) provides a generic scope of work for conducting pre-design surveys for lead and/or asbestos containing materials in/around affected portions of structures to be altered, renovated, or demolished. 
Data collected from these surveys should be incorporated into the design to ensure that construction specification requirements and execution are in accordance with acceptable Federal, state, and local environmental and safety/occupational health regulations. 

 Engineering and Design - Asbestos Abatement Air Monitoring Standard Scope of Work external link icon (EP 1110-1-23) provides guidance on developing a scope of work for the hiring of an independent contractor to conduct air monitoring during asbestos abatement, in accordance with  Asbestos Hazard Control Activities external link icon (UFGS-02 83 14.00 10), to include environmental air quality control and/or air sampling for baseline (pre-abatement) and final clearance phases.

 Asbestos Abatement Guideline Detail Sheets external link icon (EP 1110-1-11) provides abatement Guideline Detail Sheets that are used in conjunction with COE Specification for military construction (CEGS 02080) asbestos abatement.

Construction Criteria Base (CCB) external link icon is an extensive electronic library of construction guide specifications, manuals, standards, and many other essential criteria documents, published on the Internet by the non-profit NIBS.
Documents are organized into Libraries (Specifications, Regulations, Codes, Standards, Documents, CADD, Energy and Environment, Sustainable Design), then by Source and Category (additional subdivisions). Locate asbestos documents using the search feature.

Sampling and Analyzing for AsbestosTransite board

 NIOSH Method 7400 Asbestos Fibers by PCM external link icon        
     (Phase Contrast Microscopy)

  • Air and wipe samples only
  • OSHA required method
  • 3 to 1 ratio, > 5 microns
  • No identification of fiber types
  • Results in fibers per cc of air

 NIOSH Method 7402 Asbestos Fibers by TEM external link icon 
     (Transmission Electron Microscopy)

  • Air and bulk samples
  • Fiber type identification
  • Two standard protocols
    • for occupational exposures
    • for clearance samples (EPA AHERA)
  • Results in structures per cc of air

 NIOSH Method 9000 Asbestos, Chrysotile by XRD external link icon      (X-Ray (Powder) Diffraction)

  • Bulk sample (1-10 grams)
  • Determines if asbestos minerals are present
  • Analysis of percentage of chrysotile asbestos in bulk samples

 NIOSH Method 9002 Asbestos (bulk) by PLM external link icon (Polarized Light Microscopy)

  • Bulk and wipe samples only
  • Used with differential staining
  • Identification of fiber types
  • Results in percent (by volume)

 NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards - Asbestos external link icon

 Industrial Hygiene Air Sampling and Bulk Sampling Guide (USAPHC Technical Guide 141)

Safely Performing Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Work

”Managing Asbestos in Place, A Building Owner's Guide to Operations and Maintenance Programs for Asbestos-Containing Materials” (the "EPA Green Book") and “Guidance for Controlling Asbestos-Containing Materials in Buildings” (the "EPA Purple Book") can be ordered from the  TSCA Hot Line external link icon.

Training and Certification

Installation personnel and contractors must be trained and certified to perform asbestos evaluation or abatement work.
They must meet any applicable State training, certification, and licensing requirements.
EPA's  training requirements external link icon, according to the Asbestos Model Accreditation Plan external link icon, apply to schools and public/commercial buildings.

State agencies that administer asbestos programs can provide lists of contractors who are certified to offer their services in those states.
Installations should review contractor qualifications as part of the selection process.

Key DoD and Army Asbestos Policies

 DA Pam 40-513, Occupational and Environmental Health Guidelines for the Evaluation and Control of Asbestos Exposure external link icon is the Army's guidance on protecting ALL personnel and dependents that are exposed to asbestos on installations.
Note: Formerly TB MED 513.

 AR 420-1 Army Facilities Management external link icon contains the Army's facilities policy for asbestos. Each installation is required to develop and implement an asbestos management program to evaluate and control asbestos-containing materials in Army facilities.
Installations must follow Federal, State, and local requirements. 

 AR 200-1 Environmental Protection and Enhancement external link icon contains the Army’s environmental policy for asbestos. 

 AR 40-5, Preventive Medicine external link icon is the Army’s policy for protecting personnel who are exposed to asbestos. 

For information on respiratory protection when working with Asbestos see the
 Army Respiratory Protection Program.

Federal Regulations and Guidance

Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics (OPPT) external link icon manages the asbestos program under the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) external link icon.

EPA regulations  Asbestos
external link icon (40 CFR Part 763) and NESHAPS Subpart M external link icon (40 CFR Part 61) implement:

Asbestos Construction Standard external link icon (OSHA 29 CFR 1926.1101) applies to any work that disturbs asbestos-containing materials, including operation and maintenance work as well as demolition, abatement, housekeeping at construction sites, and emergency cleanup. 

Asbestos General Industry Standard external link icon (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1001) applies to industrial (non-construction) work operations such as vehicle brake and clutch maintenance.
It also applies to general housekeeping operations in facilities (other than at construction sites) where asbestos is not disturbed but may be contacted. 

State and Local Regulations and Guidance

Many states have established their own regulations.
Army installations in these states must comply with them.

Installation personnel should contact their State agencies to ensure they have the current regulations. 
 EPA Asbestos Points of Contact external link icon - States' Points of Contact

We do not maintain a library of State regulations, although many can be found on the Construction Base Criteria (CCB) external link icon Asbestos on pipe