Medical Safety
Medical Safety Environment of Care (EC)/Physical Environment (PE) Risk Management Toolkit 


Safety is defined as freedom from unacceptable risks, and it is the cornerstone for the Joint Commission's EC/PE standards.

To manage risk within the EC, military treatment facilities must effectively plan and execute effective programs related to safety, security, hazardous materials and waste, fire safety, medical equipment and facilities/utilities management.

This toolkit provides practical information and guidance, templates, sample policies, work sheets, checklists and similar tools to improve compliance with the Joint Commission's EC/PE standards. 

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Survey Preparation

Hot Topics

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Bovie Smoke/Laser Plumes (COMING SOON)


Writing Your Enviroment of Care Management Plans (COMING SOON)

Evaluating Your Environment of Care Management Plans (COMING SOON)

 Safe and Functional Environment (NEW)

Safety Program (COMING SOON)



 Sample Product Notices and Recall Policy Letter

Safety Inspection Schedule FY11

Safety/EC Committees

Safety/EC Committee Issue Tracking Log

Safety Committee Minutes Template

Safety Committee Reports Tracking Log

Safe and Functional Environment

Sample Infection Control Risk Assessment Policy


Sample Non Smoking Policy


Security Incident Response Evaluation

Summary of Security Incidents Report for the Safety/EC Committee

Hazardous Materials and Waste

Hazardous Chemical Inventory

Fire Safety

Business Fire Incident Response Evaluation Report

 Sample Fire and Smoke Barrier Penetration Policy

Sample Holiday Decoration Policy

Holiday Decoration Inspection Log

Fire Drill Observer's Report

Fire Drill Schedule FY11

 Fire Smoke Barrier Penetration Permit

Hospital Fire Incident Response Evaluation Report

 Sample Interim Life Safety Measure Policy

Interim Life Safety Measures Documentation Worksheet

Interim Life Safety Measures Selection Matrix

Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment Customer Evaluation

Utility Systems

 Sample Reporting Utility Problems and Failures Policy

Emergency Management

Emergency Codes and Staff Response

Emergency Operations Annual Evaluation Outline - Hospital

Emergency Operations Plan - Hospital

Global Risk Assessment Tool

Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (Simple)

Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (Detailed)

Hazard Vulnerability Analysis Tool

Utility System Failure and Staff Response Guide

Staff Roles and Responsibilities

Staff Physical Environment Competency Assessment

New Employee Safety Orientation

Safety Orientation and Training Record

Security Military Police Information Sheet

Medical Maintenance Repairer Competency Assessment

Utility Maintainer Competency Assessment


Safety Tracer

Security Tracer

HAZMAT Waste Tracer

Medical Equipment Tracer


Laboratory Inspection Checklist

Missing Patient Search Checklist

Security Program Checklist

 Fire Safety Inspection Checklist

 Holiday Decoration Checklist

Medical Equipment Clinical Alarm Audit

Survey Preparation

EC Document Review Worksheet 

 Preparation for the EC Interview Session