Medical Safety
Medical Safety Teaching Aids Library 

  • This library contains teaching aids for the healthcare worker.
  • These teaching aids are designed to teach healthcare workers how to identify and minimize safety and health risks within the physical environment and what actions they must take in an emergency.

  • Courses will be added in the future that can be easily modified to meet individual or department needs. 


CDC Sharps Safety Teaching Tool external link icon

 FEMA: IS-907: Active Shooter: What You Can Do

GHS Container Labeling Requirements external link icon

 OSHA Hazard Identification Training Tool external link icon

 OSHA Computer Workstations e-Tool external link icon

 OSHA Respiratory Protection for Healthcare Workers Training Video, 2011  external link icon

 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Doffing and Donning external link icon

 PPE: Chemical Level B - Donning external link icon

 PPE: Chemical Level B - Doffing external link icon

 PPE: Biological Level C - Donning external link icon

 PPE: Biological Level C - Doffing external link icon

 PPE: Chemical - Suit Support external link icon

 PPE Training Video: Steps to protect from exposure to infectious materials external link icon

 Understanding GHS Safety Data Sheets external link icon


Posters and Videos

 Elevator Safety (New) external link icon

 Health and Safety Essentials: Laboratory Best Practices (New) external link icon

 Hospital Heliport Safety external link icon

 How to Use a Fire Extinguisher (New) external link icon

 Medical Equipment Alarm Fatigue (New) external link icon

NIOSH Violence on the Job external link icon

NIOSH Working with Stress external link icon

NIOSH Respirators your TB Defense external link icon

 Occupational Violence external link icon

OSHA As it Should Be Done: Workplace Precautions Against Bloodborne Pathogens external link icon

Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls (New) external link icon

 Recognizing the Four Biosafety Levels (New) external link icon

 Security: Preventing Medication Diversion (New) external link icon

 UMC Safety Dance Music Video external link icon

ECRI Surgical Fire Poster external link icon