Environmental Health Engineering Portfolio 

The Environmental Health Engineering Portfolio provides services pertinent to maintaining and improving environmental health on installations and in deployment locations.  These environmental quality services include information on air quality, water quality, solid waste, medical waste, operational noise hazards and entomology and pest management.

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Name: AIPH Environmental Health Engineering Portfolio 
Email Address: usarmy.apg.medcom-phc.list.org-ehe-ofcdir@mail.mil 
Telephone: 410-436-2306 
DSN: 584-2306 
Mailing Address:
5158 Blackhawk Road
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD  21010-5403


Air Quality Surveillance Program

Air quality is a broad discipline that covers both health effects and pollution prevention. The Air Quality Surveillance Program (AQSP) has an experienced and dedicated staff of air quality management professionals.

Drinking Water and Sanitation Program

The Drinking Water and Sanitation Program provides technical support and consultation to the Army and Department of Defense water and food supply communities to ensure high quality drinking water and safe food service.

Water Resources Program

The mission of the Water Resources Program is to preserve the quality of the nation's waters, and to protect soldiers, civilians, and the public from adverse health impacts resulting from water pollution.

Waste Management Program

Waste management protects the total force from the health threats posed by hazardous and medical materials and waste; minimizes the risk of adverse affects from improper waste management; while promoting sustainability for the Army in the 21st century.

Operational Noise Program

Assessment and management of noise impacts generated by military operations.

Entomological Sciences Program

Prevention of exposure to vector-borne diseases, hazardous plants, hazardous animals and pesticides.