Health Risk Management Portfolio 

The Health Risk Management Portfolio consists of six programs whose missions are committed to providing worldwide comprehensive health risk management expertise in both deployed and garrison settings. This portfolio works to enhance the readiness of the U.S. Army on behalf of the Army Surgeon General, the other Services Surgeon General's and the Unified Combatant Commands.

Our staff of professional scientists, engineers, and technicians provides a wide variety of services supporting health risk management to enable the Army and DOD leadership to integrate informed risk management decisions into all Army and DOD activities. 

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Name: AIPH Health Risk Management Portfolio 
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Environmental Surveillance Integration Program

ESIP collects, analyzes, reports and archives OEHS data as part of a Comprehensive Military Medical Surveillance Program.

Global Threat Assessment Program

Deployment Environmental and Occupational Health Site Assessment

Deployment Environmental Surveillance Program

DESP detects and assesses deployment occupational and environmental health threats in the military medical surveillance program; deployment occupational and environmental health site data and information on environmental health risks during deployments.

Environmental Health Risk Assessment Program

The Environmental Health Risk Assessment Program provides environmental health risk information and analyses that support military public health and operational missions, environmental management decisions, and material risk management solutions.

Health Risk Communication Program

The Health Risk Communication Program provides consultation, risk communication training, basic risk communication courses, and specialized training based on organizations specific needs.

DOD ATSDR Liaison Office

The DOD ATSDR Liaison Office works to promote timely execution of ATSDR's public health activities at DOD installations and sites.