Army Hearing Program 

MISSION:  The Army Hearing Program (AHP) maximizes Soldier and Civilian hearing and communication abilities through hearing readiness, operational and clinical hearing services, and hearing conservation, contributing to survivability, lethality and mission effectiveness.

VISION:  A community of Soldiers and Civilians who use their sensitive hearing as a combat multiplier, through clear communication, for survival and lethality, and who maintain unchanged hearing throughout their service. 

GOALS:  To reduce the risk of acquired hearing loss through education, mitigation of noise hazards, and policy development.

Hearing Readiness
Operational Hearing Services
Clinical Hearing Services
Hearing Conservation


Contact Information

Name: AIPH Army Hearing Program 
Email Address: 
Telephone: 410-436-3797 
DSN: 584-3797 
Mailing Address:
5158 Blackhawk Road
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21010-5403

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