Toxicology Portfolio 

In collaboration with a host of DoD, government, private, and international entities, the Toxicology Portfolio provides data about the toxicity of military-unique and military-relevant compounds and the risks they pose to Soldiers, civilians and the environment.

The Toxicology Portfolio comprises two integrated programs: Health Effects Research and Toxicity Evaluation. They perform basic and applied research using animal models, genetic and cellular toxicology, genomics and computer modeling.

All experiments in the portfolio are performed in compliance with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulations. This is ensured by regular inspections by the Quality Office (QO) of the USAPHC Quality Systems and Regulatory Compliance Office (QSARC). 

Contact Information

Name: AIPH Toxicology Portfolio 
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Telephone: 410-436-3980 
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5158 Blackhawk Road
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Health Effects Research Program

The Health Effects Research Program (HERP) conducts toxicological research pertinent to effects from environmental exposures. HERP strives to develop safe exposure criteria for military-unique and military-relevant substances.

Toxicity Evaluation Program

The Toxicity Evaluation Program (TEP) provides toxicological services to identify potential health hazards resulting from occupational exposures and providesexpertise to support civilian and troop health protection.