Public Health Command District–Ft. Bragg 

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Name: PHCR-North PHCD–Ft. Bragg 
Email Address: 
Telephone: 910-570-3429 
DSN: 670-3429 
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Public Health Command District-Fort Bragg
Womack Army Medical Center
2817 Reilly Rd. Stop C
Ft. Bragg, NC  28310-7303
Publlic Health Command District - Fort Bragg provides Veterinary Services and Food Defense and Safety to all Department of Defense installations in Virginia and North Carolina.

Veterinary Branches and Clinics that fall under the District include:

North Carolina

Ø  Fort Bragg Branch

Ø  Camp Lejeune Branch

Ø  Cherry Point Branch

§  Seymour Johnson Air Force Base Veterinary Clinic


Ø  Fort Eustis Branch

§  Langley Air Force Base Veterinary Clinic

Ø  Fort Lee Branch

Ø  Norfolk Branch

§  Fort Story Veterinary Clinic