Health Risk Communication
Health Risk Communication Training 

The U.S. Army Public Health Command (USAPHC) offers a variety of health risk communication training courses.  Training courses are open to all military services, DoD, civilian personnel, contractors working on DoD projects, and other government agencies.

Courses are designed to benefit everyone who discusses risk related information with the public and internal stakeholders.

Risk Communication Course

This entry level course provides participants with a basic understanding of the concepts, principles and processes of effective risk communication. Participants learn to strategically plan for effectively addressing public and/or worker concerns that affect mission success. The research based risk communication principles presented are effective in planning for and effectively addressing concerns related to health, environmental, deployment, security, occupational, and similar issues.

Specialized Risk Communication Courses

Risk Communication courses can be tailored to meet participants' specific needs to focus on risk communication planning for a specific project, mission or issue. 

Specialized Training Previously Conducted

  • Engaging the Media
  • Public Health Emergency Officers (PHEO)
  • Pandemic Influenza Risk Communication
  • Communicating Risk while Deployed
  • Communicating during a Chemical/Biological/ Radiological/ Nuclear (CBRN) Incident

Contact Information

For information about upcoming risk communication training courses, please visit the health risk assessment, surveillance, and management training page.

To request support services or specialized training coures, please contact us.