Entomology and Pest Management
Deployment Pest Management: Post Deployment 

Data gathered during deployments can provide medical planners with information that can be used to shape combat health support for similar future operations and missions. 

Share your entomological and zoonotic experiences for follow-on and future deployments with organizations such as:

Any changes made to the initial assessment and the Entomological and Zoonotic Operational Risk Assessment (EZORA) for the specific site(s) during the deployment and changes to Force Health Protection (FHP) countermeasures should be widely shared within and outside of the theater to appropriate organizations.

At a minimum, assess the operational risk in retrospect in comparison to your pre-deployment risk assessment, and annotate significant differences between the expected and the experienced risks.


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     2.  AFPMB Technical Guide 46 (TG 46), DoD Entomological Operational Risk Assessments

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