Entomology and Pest Management
Mosquito Borne Disease and Control 
This page is designed to provide informational products on mosquito identification, the diseases that they carry and their prevention on military installations.

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               o    DoD Insect Repellent System
                   o    Fight Malaria - Take Your Medication Tip Card

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                    o     Fight Malaria - Take Your Medication Poster
Mosquitoes SUCK – Don’t be Prey; Protect Yourself! (coming soon!)

             ●  Technical Guide:

                      o    USAPHC Technical Guide 336 Malaria Field Guide

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                            o    DoD Insect Repellent System   
                    o    FR ACU-P

Additional Guidance Documents

     ● AFPMB PPMs Information Paper external link, "Protect Yourself Against Biting Insects," February 2001

      AFPMB Technical Guide 36 external link, "Personal Protective Measures Against Insects and Other Arthropods
        of Military Significance" 

     ● AFPMB Technical Guide 41 external link, “Dengue and Chikungunya Vector Control Pocket Guide,” January 2012

      FM 21-10 external link, and MCRP 4-11.1D, "Field Hygiene and Sanitation," 21 June 2000

      GTA 08-05-062 external link, "U.S. Army Guide to Staying Healthy"


        DoD Pest Management Materiel Other Than Pesticides external link

     ● Standard Pesticides and Repellents Available to DoD Components & All Federal Agencies external link