Entomology and Pest Management 
Information on protecting the Soldier from the health threat posed by vector-borne disease and medically important pests and to minimize the adverse effects of pesticides.

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Deployment Pest Management

This site is designed to provide military entomologists with vital information when planning for deployment and executing their responsibilities while deployed.

Deployment Pest Management: During Deployment

Vector Surveillance, Deployment, Arthropod Vector Rapid Detection Kits, Command Emphasis, Pest Control

Deployment Pest Management: Entomological and Zoonotic Operational Risk Assessments

Entomological and Zoonotic Operational Risk Assessments (EZORA) provide risk estimates for vector-borne and zoonotic diseases in the country of concern. entomology, threats, vector borne disease, arthropods, animals

Deployment Pest Management: Pre-Deployment Planning

Deployment Pes Management, Pre-deployment planning, Unit Field Sanitation Team, Personal Pretective Measures, Entomological and Zoonotic Hazards, Entomological and Zoonotic Operational Risk Assessment (EZORA), Entomological Threat Assessment, FM 4-25.12

Deployment Pest Management: Recording and Reporting Pesticide Use for Archiving

Deployment Pest Management, Pesticides Recoding, Reporting and Archiving, DD Form 1532, DD Form 1532-1

DoD Insect Repellent System

The DoD insect repellent system is used against arthropods of military significance.

Mapping Pest Populations

Map insect populations with GIS to achieve enhanced pest control with reduced effort. Entomology, Mapping Pest Populations, GIS, Target pesticide treatments

Permethrin Factory-Treated Army Combat Uniforms (ACU Permethrin)

Information on the safety, effectiveness and proper care of the permethrin factory-treated Army Combat Uniform (ACU Permethrin). Wearing permethrin-treated uniforms is a key component of the DoD Insect Repellent System.


DoD Pesticide Hotline

DoD Pesticide Hotline services include pesticide labels, regulation, selection, integrated pest management, application, environmental concerns, safety data sheets, plant and animal identification, and DoD expert locator.

Human Tick Test Kit Program

A free tick identification and testing service for Department of Defense health care facilities.

Insect Resistance to Insecticides

Resistance of insects to insecticide, control success, evaluating possibility of insect resistance, factors causing resistance, resistance testing