Waste Management
Solid Waste Management Services 

Effective Integrated Solid Waste Management improves worker health and the environment and can save money! Our pool of talented professionals have a wealth of experience in this field and can provide top quality, cost effective technical services as described below.

Developing Integrated Solid Waste Management Plans

  • Vast experience in preparing and updating Integrated Solid Waste Management Plans (ISWMP).
  • We have prepared numerous high quality ISWMPs that conform to US Army regulations and guidance.

Solid Waste Characterization Studies

  • In order to best manage the waste stream, it is vital to know the composition and distribution of the wastes.
  • Let us do the dumpster diving for you. It truly is a “tough job, but someone has to do it."
  • Results of these studies can be used to target components of the waste stream for either reduced generation or increased recycling of those materials.

 Landfill Monitoring

Recycling or Composting Consultations

  • We assist with program development or program expansion.  This can include assessment of current practices, evaluation of alternatives, and identification of opportunities.
  • For more information on composting, read USAPHC's Technical Information Paper #38-001-1203 - Assessment of Composing Feasibility at Army Installations.

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