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Performance Triad Employee Survey Coordinating Instructions 
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Performance Triad MEDCOM Employee Survey for Regional Medical Commands (RMC), Military Treatment Facilities (MTF), and Major Subordinate Commands (MSC).

Coordinating instructions for distributing the Performance Triad MEDCOM Employee Survey:

  1.       Between 1-15 May 2014, send an email to all employees within your RMC/MTF/MSC with the subject line: “Request from TSG”

 2.       Set a target for the number of employees you hope will participate in this effort.

 3.       Use the standard email message below, ensuring to include the critical information about the survey (in blue). Adapt to fit your command as needed, and personalize in areas highlighted in yellow. Send this message from the RMC/MTF/MSC Commander if possible.

Email from RMC/MSC/MTF Commanders to staff:

SUBJECT LINE:  Request from TSG


[Insert MSC/RMC/MTF name here]Team,

We continue to build on the momentum of the Performance Triad and its role in the transformation to a system for health. TSG and MEDCOM are striving to design and roll out initiatives across MEDCOM and the Army, including the Reserves and National Guard that promote the readiness, resilience, and health of the force.  Both TSG and I want to understand the baseline of our own current Performance Triad related attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors. 

Please take 15 minutes to complete the MEDCOM Performance Triad Employee Survey. All responses are completely voluntary and anonymous and this survey will be open from 1-15 May 2014.  Your responses will give the assessment team critical information to assess and evaluate Performance Triad initiatives within our MEDCOM and [Insert MSC/RMC/MTF name here] family.  I would appreciate if the team will take the survey and would like to see a minimum of [XX% of employees] participate.

To complete the questionnaire, go to the link below:

Please note that at the end of the survey, there is an option to allow your data to be kept for future research and analyses.  This is also completely optional and more information is provided on the survey itself about this.

Thank you for your role in leading the transformational efforts within our organization and for your assistance with this important endeavor.




4.     Send follow up messages to staff as needed to promote ongoing participation in the survey.