Tobacco-Free Living 
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Tobacco use in the Army is a high-profile issue and has a direct impact upon the Soldier’s ability to accomplish the mission, negatively impacting force readiness. The short-term impacts of tobacco use on readiness include increased numbers of sick call visits and increased incidence of cold weather and training injuries. In addition, there are the well known long-term health hazards of tobacco use, to include reduced lung capacity, reduced fine motor coordination, slower wound healing, and greatly decreased stamina. In addition, tobacco use is a major cause of heart disease, stroke, and diseases of the blood vessels. Tobacco use also causes cancer of the lung, oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, pancreas, kidney, bladder and cervix.  

Since tobacco use is both a readiness and a health issue, it is important to provide Soldiers with effective interventions to become Tobacco Free. Tobacco Free Living benefits the command as a whole because tobacco-free Soldiers are stronger, healthier, and better able to perform their mission.  Being tobacco-free also benefits each Soldier by giving them an opportunity to maintain a healthier lifestyle and decrease the health risks associated with tobacco use.

Is Quitting Smoking on YOUR Calendar for 2015? (CDC) External link

If you're one of the nearly 7 out of 10 current U.S. smokers who want to quit, why not get started today? Smoking is still the number one cause of preventable death and disease in the United States. Quitting now can cut your risk for diseases caused by smoking and leave you feeling stronger and healthier.

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A Tobacco-Free Living Toolkit

The AMEDD's role in establishing a tobacco-free workforce and tobacco-free campuses demonstrates a commitment to a system of health in support of the DoD goal for tobacco-free installations by 2020.

DoD/VA/Army Tobacco Policy, Guidelines and Initiatives

Information and links to tobacco cessation policies, CPGs, and initiatives from DoD, VA, and the Army.

Red Ribbon Week in October

Red Ribbon Week is an opportunity to raise awareness and mobilize communities to combat tobacco, alcohol, and drug use among Soldiers and Retirees, their families, Army civilians and contractors.

Tobacco Breaking News

Topic page to highlight new information related to tobacco-free living.

Tobacco Cessation Education

Information and links for patients on tobacco-free living education topics.

Tobacco Use Reports, Literature, and Publications

Information and links related to tobacco-free living studies, best practices, and metrics.


Great American Smokeout / Tobacco Cessation

Information about the November emphasis to quit tobacco use.

Great American Spit Out / Tobacco Cessation

The Great American Spit Out is a day to encourage users of spit tobacco to quit.

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