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Protecting our military and civilian healthcare providers from risk of musculoskeletal injury is of vital importance as they provide the highest standard of care to injured Soldiers, retirees, and their families.

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Manually moving and handling patients is a risky activity undertaken many times each day by healthcare staff.
Implementation of safe patient-handling programs can result in decreased injuries, discomfort, and lost work time and increased morale and staff retention. In addition to these staff benefits, safe patient handling may reduce the risk of patient falls and skin shears. Because these factors affect the overall quality of care, it is crucial that patient-handling related injury risks be minimized and eliminated.

The AIPH Ergonomics Program is dedicated to assisting MEDCOM facilities with developing their facility specific safe patient-handling program or assessing their current program. The AIPH Ergonomics Program has collaborated with the Veterans Administration (VA) for nearly a decade as the VA has developed and implemented comprehensive safe patient-handling programs. For more information please see the link on Safe Patient Handling.