Medical Safety 

Baby getting immunizedThe USAIPH Industrial Hygiene and Medical Safety Management Program is the U.S. Army Medical Command’s center of expertise for medical safety and health program management.
We support the U.S. Army’s medical treatment facilities (MTFs) through:

  • On-site assistance for compliance with the Joint Commission’s physical environment standards
  • Telephonic and electronic support for safety and occupational health and Joint Commission physical environment compliance issues that require interpretation or extensive research
  • Safety and occupational health and Joint Commission physical environment education & training programs

  • Safety and occupational health technical bulletins (medical), technical guides, and fact sheets
  • Information posted on this website 

Army Medicine MapThe information provided on this site is designed to help MTF commanders effectively manage the risks associated with their MTF’s physical environment, such as:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Fire and life safety
  • Hazardous materials and waste
  • Medical equipment
  • Utility systems
  • Emergency management



Environment of Care Management Plans and Annual Evaluation Templates

Environment of Care Management Plans and Annual Evaluation Templates. These are updated annually.

Medical Safety Environment of Care (EC)/Physical Environment (PE) Risk Management Toolkit

Risk Management Toolkit for Medical Safety on topics - Safety, Security, Hazardous Materials and Waste, Fire Safety, Medical Equipment, Utilities, Emergency Management and Infection Control. Toolkit full of checklists and templates too.

Medical Safety Fact Sheets and Technical Guides

Fact Sheets and Technical Guides related to the subject of Medical Safety.

Medical Safety Federal Laws and Regulations

Medical Safety related DoD Directives, Instructions, Manuals, Army Regulations, Da Pamphlets and Technical Bulletins-Medical.

Medical Safety Guidance

Other Guidance for Medical Safety

Medical Safety Professional Development

Continuing Education & Training and Professional Certification for the Medical Safety professionals

Medical Safety Teaching Aids Library

Information on Medical Safety related teaching aids.

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