Commander's Corner 

NOTE: PHCR-North has transitioned to the Public Health Command - Atlantic (Provisional).  The information here is provided as a courtesy and may not be up-to-date.



As the Commander of Public Health Command Region-North (PHCR-N), I am honored to be serving with you and want to share some of my thoughts on our journey together in this outstanding command.

The PHCR-N is at the forefront of protecting the health of Soldiers, Family Members, DA Civilians, and Retirees.  Our mission is to promote, sustain, and enhance comprehensive Public Health consisting of Preventive Medicine, full-spectrum Veterinary Services and Health Promotion in order to contribute to a world class system for health to our Warriors and their families.  This is especially important as we are still a nation at war. We must continue to accomplish our mission to the highest standards possible knowing that our Military and this organization will be required to do so within the reality of increased financial constraints.  Each day we must reaffirm our commitment to care for Soldiers and their families who give so much to keep our country safe.  We stand proud in the knowledge that we are an essential part in assuring that our military forces are ready to meet this challenge.  To be successful, we must maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and competence to be ready to go the extra step necessary to care for those who serve and have served.  My expectation is PHCR-N members will maintain high standards of performance, and conduct; our discipline, duty performance and respect for ourselves and others should set the example for those outside our organization to follow.  As professionals, our integrity must always be beyond reproach, and we must always be prepared to do what is necessary to correct shortcomings as soon as they are discovered.

I would ask each one of you to look at all we do with a critical eye; is our training well planned, tough and realistic?  Do we conduct effective after action reviews/inspections, document them, and act on the recommendations to make needed improvements?  Are we maintaining, our equipment and facilities with pride, while conserving valuable resources to the best of our ability? In the area of caring we must treat both the community we serve, subordinates and superiors with dignity, professional respect, and courtesy.  I expect Leaders to be involved and catalysts for the future success of their subordinates; know your Soldiers, employees and their families.  Leading is a hands-on, constant challenge.  Leaders place themselves at the critical place on the battlefield, clinic, laboratory, or office during times of stress and difficulty.  Leaders take responsibility, expect high standards of themselves and their subordinates, and do not accept marginal or unprofessional performance.  Finally, we all must ask ourselves each day if we are doing all that we can to make this command strong, successful, and better because of our tenure here.    

I am excited to be serving with you, I will work with you to continue the proud service of this command to the Soldiers, families and the nation we so love and serve. I am looking forward to meeting each and every one of you at PT field, training, in the clinics or laboratories, or wherever our work takes us.  I will be transparent, accessible and available, to listen, learn, and make a difference together with you.   

Serving to Heal…. Honored to Serve!