Environmental Health Engineering  

NOTE: As of 17 August 2015, PHCR-Pacific has transitioned to the Regional Health Command - Pacific. The information here is provided as a courtesy and may not be up-to-date.


The Environmental Health Engineering (EHE) Division delivers comprehensive environmental health engineering services to U.S. Forces throughout the Pacific Theater.

Support Services:

PROGRAM MANAGEMENT: EHE can provide experienced environmental media assessors to conduct external environmental performance assessments system (EPAS) survey for Major Commands (MACOMS).  The EPAS program assists all Army commanders in attaining, sustaining, and monitoring compliance with Federal, State, and local environmental laws and regulations, as well as DoD and Army compliance and performance requirements. 

AIR POLLUTION: EHE can survey air emission sources, evaluate compliance ambient air quality standards, and develop emission control strategies to meet local national or EPA regulations.

AIR EMISSIONS INVENTORY: EHE can conduct an air emission inventory and develop a comprehensive listing, by source, of the potential air pollutant emissions within certain specific geographic areas.  Once collected, the emission inventory data will used to evaluate the status of existing air quality as related to regulatory air quality standards, to determine emission compliance, and to identify the need for emission control strategies (where warranted). 

OZONE DEPLETING SUBSTANCES (ODS): EHE conducts ODS inventories and develop phase-out plans for military installations throughout the pacific theater.  These plans identify costs, schedule for the phase-out of ODS-containing equipment, outline the regulations pertaining to ODSs, assist in developing a facility ODS team, and recommend ODC alternatives. 

ENVIRONMENTAL NOISE: Our areas of expertise include noise monitoring; computer modeling of noise environments, and awareness and mitigation consultations.  We develop Noise Contour Maps for Airfields and Helipads (Noise Map), and for Firing Ranges and Demolition grounds, computer modeling of DoD noise environments for proposed and existing training and testing ranges/facilities, including combined arms and joint training exercises and deployments.  Onsite noise measurements of DoD training and testing range/facility noise environments.  We assist with permanent Noise Monitoring Systems.

COMPLIANCE SERVICES: EHE reviews and develop hazardous waste (HW) management plans; regulated medical waste (RMW) management plans and develop information papers regarding HW and RMW issues.  We also provide technical consultative services

POLLUTION PREVENTION SERVICES: EHE develops Pollution Prevention Management Plans and Annual Updates conduct Alternative Technology/Processes Studies, develop Pollution Prevention Information Papers and provide Technical Consultative Services.

SURFACE WATER AND WASTEWATER: EHE specializes in wastewater treatment, discharge permits, effluent toxicity, pretreatment, storm water, pollution prevention, sewage sludge, USTs, spills, and surface waters. We will provide consultative expertise to DoD and Army installations regarding surface water and wastewater problems. Typical products and services are as listed below:


Wastewater Treatment Plant


WATER SUPPLY MANAGEMENT: Our expertise includes drinking water system evaluations, water treatment processes, sampling requirements, and local national final governing standards compliance evaluation.

Water Treatment Plant

VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT AND EMERGENCY RESPONSE SUPPORT:  EHE evaluates all system vulnerabilities from source to tap using the Army’s Risk Management Approach as well as the Sandia Ram-WSM methodology. We can conduct your WSVA, review completed assessments, and provide guidance on initiating the vulnerability assessment process. In addition, we can respond and support installations that encounter water system emergencies as well as help or develop water system emergency response plans.

WATER SYSTEM PERFORMANCE EVALUATION (WSPE):  Customers have used WSPEs to regain compliance with regulations, address chronic drinking water problems, better allocate limited funding, and prioritize capital improvements. Our customer-focused evaluations help to reduce costs, improve water quality, and ensure a water system remains in compliance with the ever-expanding list of drinking water regulations. A water system’s compliance status with current and upcoming State and Federal regulations, operational practices, treatment effectiveness, and water quality from source to tap are evaluated.

ENVIRONMENTAL TRAINING:  Our experienced instructors provide comprehensive environmental training to satisfy regulatory requirements and promote an environmentally conscious military service throughout the Pacific Theater. 

Environmental Compliance Training

HAZARDOUS MATERIAL/ HAZARDOUS WASTE HANDLERS TRAINING:  This training program will ensure the safe handling and proper management of hazardous materials and wastes and minimize liability through compliance with DoD Instruction, Army Regulation and Policy, and Executive Orders.

ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS FOR COMMANDERS:  Command Environmental Awareness Training is available for command and staff level personnel.

ENVIRONMENTAL MEDIA SAMPLING:  This course lays the foundation for successfully implementing various environmental programs. Course objectives include clearly presenting the equipment and the techniques used to collect representative samples from various media and defining the regulatory context in which sampling is undertaken.

DRINKING WATER SAMPLING PROCEDURES:  This course is designed to train installation personnel on the proper procedure for collecting drinking water samples including sampling containers and preservatives, labeling, documentation, packaging and shipment of collected samples.

CROSS-CONNECTION CONTROL AND BACKFLOW PREVENTION TRAINING:  This course teaches personnel the principles of cross-connection control and backflow prevention and how to establish a cross-connection control program. 

Contact Information

Name: PHCR-Pacific Environmental Health Engineering Division 
Email Address: usarmy.zama.medcom-jpn.list.phcr-pacific-cmd@mail.mil  
Telephone: 011-81-46-407-8551 
DSN: (315) 263-8551 
Mailing Address:
USAPHC Public Health Command Region-Pacific
Unit 45006 (MCHB-AJ-TEE)
APO  AP  96343-5006

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