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Army Public Health Center

The former U.S. Army Public Health Command has been renamed the Army Public Health Center (Provisional) as part of an overall Army Medical Command  reorganization. The intent of the reorganization is to support the requirements of the MEDCOM and better support our mission of promoting health and preventing disease and injury in our beneficiaries. The goal is to create a single point of accountability for health readiness at each Regional Health Command.

The Army Medical Command’s realignment supports the Army’s current operations and global engagements. The reorganization will help support the Surgeon General's System for Health by making access to public health services locally accessible.

Our customers and clients can expect the same level and quality of services they are accustomed to receiving. The new Army Public Health Center has the same parent organization (Army Medical Command) as before and offers the same range of services in each region. The public health mission does not change; we remain committed to promoting health and preventing disease and injury in Soldiers, retirees, their Families, Veterans, Army civilians and our government-owned animals.

For more information, contact the APHC Public Affairs Office.

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