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Tri-Service Vision Conservation and Readiness Site or Occupation Specific Course (TSVCRSOSC)
Instructional Method
Army Public Health Center
Target Audience
Organizations from the Army, Navy, Air Force or other DoD organizations involved in Vision Conservation and Readiness program and personnel who are potentially exposed to occupational eye hazards or who are impacted by occupational vision standards.

This is a two-part course that includes a site visit to provide assistance and to evaluate specific vision conservation requirements at that site and can also include up to a 4-hour course which is specifically tailored to meet the requesting organization’s requirements. The specific course topics can include fundamentals of vision, lighting and lighting requirements, color vision and occupational issues, vision screening and testing methods, and vision conservation program management. Additional topics can be included based on specific training requirements or needs. 

NOTE: This course is done at the requesting unit’s duty station. It is scheduled to be accomplished within a single duty day.

SITE ASSIST VISIT: This is at least a 2-hour visit to requesting organization’s shop or site to assist, discuss and evaluate specific vision conservation requirements. The site visit can help to identify potential ocular hazards, analyze risk factors, and identify risk management solutions including, but not limited to, personal protective equipment (PPE). Discussions with the staff will also provide better understanding of specific requirements and tailoring of the 4-hour course. This will allow the site personnel to benefit fully from the lectures and discussions in the course.

4-HOUR COURSE: The course is designed to be flexible to meet the specific vision conservation requirements or needs of the requesting organization. Topics can include management practices to establish or enhance an organization’s vision conservation and readiness program, DoD vision conservation regulations and requirements, and DoD vision standards. Specific topics also include fundamentals of vision, lighting and lighting requirements, color vision and occupational issues, vision screening and testing methods, video display terminals, computer vision syndrome and ergonomics, night vision devices, mechanical/biological/chemical hazards, laser eye hazards and eye protection, and PPE. A listing of current courses, including courses developed for specific activities currently available can be viewed at

Tri-Service Vision Conservation and Readiness Program personnel/speakers have no vested interest in the topics covered in this course. For additional information or to request this type of program, contact us at:
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