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Army Pregnancy Postpartum Physical Training (P3T) Program Leader Onsite Course 2019
Instructional Method
Classroom and Field Exercise
AMEDD Center and School
Army Public Health Center
Target Audience
master fitness trainers, medics, health care professionals, and unit leaders (jr officers and sr NCOs) involved in local P3T implementation

The Army P3T Program Leader Onsite Course is a train-the-trainer course, ATRRS Course: 26A-F61/300-F61, which provides guidance to military and civilian personnel who have been designated to serve as P3T program managers (OIC and NCOIC), instructor trainers, and medical experts.  This 28-hour onsite training is based on the Army P3T Technical Guide 255 Series, and is an application of the P3T DL Course content.  Completion of the P3T DL course is required before attending the P3T Onsite Course.  If you have NOT completed the P3T DL Course, go to ATRRS,, to enroll and complete it.  

The P3T Onsite Course includes face-to-face training on exercise performance, exercise session oversight, training exercise leaders, and use of program implementation and data collection tools.  Participation is physically active and consists of land and water exercise skills training with practical application of the principles of pregnancy and postpartum physical training.  Full participation in all activities is required, and includes wearing a simulated pregnancy belly unless documentation of profile preventing this is provided.  P3T Onsite Course completion requires passing a practical exam.  A Certificate of Training for the Army P3T Leader Onsite Course will be distributed to military members and DA civilians by AMEDD C&S upon completion of the P3T Onsite Course. 

NOFC to DA PAM 611-12, W-1710-05, for establishment of an additional skill identifier (ASI) A6, Army Pregnancy Postpartum Physical Training Leader. The effective date for awarding ASI A6 for personnel is 1 January 2018.  All of the ASI/SI tables for Officers, Enlisted, and Warrants have been updated to reflect the new ASI.  Association with any MOS authorized.  Soldiers must have successfully completed and possess certificates of completion for BOTH the P3T DL and resident P3T onsite instructor leader course for awarding of ASI A6.

Registration for the P3T Onsite Course requires no registration fee.   Enrollment requires the following.

1)  Apply for enrollment on this APHC CREG training website.  Course ID is 124, Army Pregnancy Postpartum Physical Training (P3T) Program Leader Onsite Course 2019. 

2)  Email your P3T DL Course completion certificate to the P3T Course Director at  

3)  Military will complete, in full with signatures, a DA Form 3838, Application for Short Course Training. A sample DA3838 is available upon request.  DA Civilians will complete, in full with signatures, a SF 182, Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training and a Hold Harmless Agreement. Contact your local education POC or training NCO for additional details on submission through your unit and/or HRC. For active duty officers, the request is forwarded by unit training personnel to the applicable branch manager at Human Resources Command.  

4) Active enlisted and civilian applicants send the registration forms (DA3838 or SF182) to the P3T Course Director via AMRDEC SAFE, THE DA3838 or SF182 MUST BE SENT BY ENCRYPTED EMAIL AS THEY CONTAIN SSNs!! The DA3838 or SF182 and P3T DL certificate will be used by the P3T Course Director to determine if the applicant meets the course requirements.  Students will be notified upon acceptance into the requested P3T Onsite Course. Students will be scheduled in Course Number: 26A-F61/300-F61 in ATRRS by AMEDD C&S with a 'wait status' when both the P3T DL and Onsite Courses are completed. All the quotas for this FY have been utilized.  If a student is attending a course TDY and requires a welcome letter, contact the P3T course director at

All documentation to be enrolled for a P3T Onsite Course must be submitted no later than 15 days prior to the course start date. Reserve Component should contact unit training NCO or ATRRS clerk who can submit the request via the ATRRS A-1 application process. The course is open to other services on a space available basis.   In the event the service member cannot attend the course, please contact the P3T course director at 410-436-2303, DSN 584.

FOR REQUESTS TO HOST A P3T ONSITE COURSE at your installation contact the APHC P3T Coordinator at  The electronic form to officially request a P3T Onsite Course is is a charge for this service. The requesting organization assumes responsibility to arrange for the training site and fund the P3T educator's cost of travel, per diem, and any other associated course costs to APHC.  A signed memorandum of agreement (MOA) between APHC and the requesting installation is required before a P3T Onsite Course can be delivered.   Allow for time for coordination for the MOA to be developed, approved and signed.


Completion of the P3T DL course is a required pre-requisite, before attending the P3T Onsite Course

DoD civilian, Jr officer, E-6 and above.

E-5 if a medic, previously trained P3T exercise leader, trained master fitness trainer, or have an educational background in a medical or fitness discipline.

Designated to serve in a P3T staff position (OIC, NCOIC, IT, PM, ME, EC).  This course is NOT for exercise leaders.

No profile that prevents participation in physical training – MUST have passed last APFT.

NOT over 20 weeks pregnant or less than 6 months postpartum.

NOT pending an administrative action.

NOT due to PCS, ETS, or have multiple lengthy TDYs in next 12 months.


There are no attendee fees for this course; however, APHC funds and central funding are NOT available for attendee TDY expenses for the P3T Onsite Course. It is the responsibility of the attendee installation/unit to provide funds for all TDY expenses if the student must travel to the course location. Transportation and lodging arrangements are the responsibility of the attendee. Lodging on post is recommended. No meals provided. Accessibility to a DFAC and local shuttle for transportation varies according to the course location.

Training will convene at 1400 hours on Monday and conclude no later than 1000 hours on Friday of the training week, unless there is a change to the training agenda. Students must be authorized to arrive at the onsite training location by 1300 on Monday and depart on Friday no earlier than noon. 

Uniform for attendance is the OCP for military on Monday and the IPFU throughout the rest of the training schedule, and fitness attire equivalent to military PTs for civilians (no tank tops or short shorts).  Swimwear is highly recommended.  Active participation in morning P3T exercise sessions with P3T participating Soldiers is scheduled BEFORE class. Students will be given an hour for hygiene and breakfast before class starts.  Times and locations for the morning P3T exercise sessions will be announced during the Monday administrative meeting.


13-17 MAY 2019          JBLM, WA

3-7 JUN 2019              Fort Polk, LA

15-19 JUL 2019           Fort Campbell, KY

22-26 JUL 2019           Fort Hood, TX

5-9 AUG 2019             Fort Gordon, GA

12-16 AUG 2019         JBLE, VA

19-23 AUG 2019          Fort Stewart, GA

9-13 SEP 2019            Fort Bliss, TX

16-20 SEP 2019          Fort Carson, CO

23-27 SEP 2019          Fort Huachuca, AZ

Course Schedule
ID Number Location Start Date End Date Class Fee Class Size Application Deadline Status Actions
124-20190910 Gooding Instructional Facility
Fort Bliss, TX
9/10/2019 9/13/2019 none 32 9/9/2019 Active enroll in session
124-20190917 Soldier Special Event Center
Fort Carson, CO
9/17/2019 9/20/2019 none 32 9/16/2019 Active enroll in session
124-20190924 Eifler Gym, Bldg 82401
Fort Huachuca, AZ
9/24/2019 9/27/2019 none 32 9/23/2019 Active enroll in session

If no classes are available or fit your schedule... You can help us by letting us know you are interested in this course. Use the link below to provide us with the necessary information.

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