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Medical Waste Transport Course (ONLINE)
Instructional Method
Online and Classroom
Army Public Health Center
Target Audience
DoD employees (Civilian, Military, or Contractor) who package, handle, certify, and ship medical waste.

The purpose of the course is to certify housekeeping and medical facility personnel who package and ship regulated medical waste. Personnel may register for this course as alternative to the resident training by exception due to restricted travel, a pandemic, or public health emergency. Once accepted, students have 30 days from their official start date to complete the course.

Personnel who package and ship other biomedical material (e.g. infectious samples and specimens or toxins) should register for the 5-day APHC Transport of Biomedical Materials Course


Once your registration is accepted, you will receive a Phase I packet.  You must complete the Phase I packet prior to attending our initial online conference session.   


We will use Defense Collaboration Services (DCS) for our face-to-face discussions and Blackboard as your online independent training.  

Course Schedule
ID Number Location Start Date End Date Class Fee Class Size Application Deadline Status Actions
139-00000000 N/A N/A none N/A none Active enroll in session

If no classes are available or fit your schedule... You can help us by letting us know you are interested in this course. Use the link below to provide us with the necessary information.

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