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2020 Army Public Health Course - Virtual
Instructional Method
Army Public Health Center
Target Audience
This course is open to the following AMEDD officer, warrant officer & enlisted specialties: 60C/D, 64A-Z, 640A, 68 Series, 66B, 71B, & 72A-D. This course is also open to DOD Civilian Public Health Professionals as well as Air Force, Navy & DOD Civilians serving in Public Health positions at all staff & command levels.

The 2020 Army Public Health Course will be held on a virtual platform, using CVR Microsoft Teams, from 3 - 7 August 2020.

This year's course is designed to provide Public Health Professionals an opportunity to keep abreast of the most current public health topics and services through its 2020 theme, 'Unifying the Public Health Enterprise'. Now modeled across the capabilities and functions of the 10 Essential Public Health Services, the DOD’s public health assets will synchronize efforts in order to maintain continuity in the delivery of its services.  To adapt to current changes in the Public Health Enterprise, its governance, and the ever changing operational landscape, the Army Public Health Course also serves as a platform to synergize strategic, operational and tactical efforts.  Here, the Army’s public health framework will be further defined and real-time use of its strategies implemented.

Course content includes workshops, breakout sessions and a plenary.  It is an ATRRS course with Course Code 2608-A0102.  Recorded classroom time and a complete DA 3838 is a requisite for ATRRS credit.


There are no prerequisites for this course.



The 2020 Army Public Health Course will be held 3-7 August 2020 on a virtual platform. There will not be a resident, in-person course.

The Army Public Health Course Director regrets that Foreign Nationals are NOT eligible to participate in the 2020 Army Public Health Course.

Course Format:
The 2020 Army Public Health Course, originally scheduled as a resident course to be held at JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ, will be conducted 3-7 August 2020 over a virtual platform using Commercial Virtual Remote (CVR) Microsoft (MS) Teams.

Each attendee will be responsible for installing CVR MS Teams on their respective computer and for ensuring CVR MS Teams is functioning properly. Very limited technical support will be available before and during the event.  VPN connection is not required to use CVR MS Teams. See CVR MS Teams help and information below.

After enrolling in the Course, attendees will have access to the calendar in CVR Teams of scheduled sessions for the week. The schedule of sessions is being revised and will be available in mid or late June 2020. Breakout sessions will be focused on AOC/MOS-specific content. Consultant meetings can be scheduled at times convenient to those concerned outside of the Course agenda, and can be conducted with CVR Teams or another platform of choice. A Plenary presentation is still under consideration; more details are forthcoming. 

AOC/MOS definitions:
60C Preventive Medicine Officer, 60D Occupational Medicine Officer, 64A-Z Veterinary Services, 640A Food Safety Officer, 68R Veterinary Food Inspection Specialist, 68S Preventive Medicine Specialist, 68T Animal Care Specialist, 66B Community Health Nurse, 71B Biochemistry, 72A Nuclear Medical Science, 72B Entomology, 72C Audiology, 72D Environmental Science and Engineering
*when asked to indicate the AOC Channel on the enrollment form, respond with ONE of the following groups:

- 60C, 60D

- 66B

- 71B, 72B, 72D, 68S

- 72A, 72C

Sessions will be held Monday 3 AUG – Friday 7 AUG 2020 between the hours 0800 – 1700 Eastern Standard Time (EST) / UTC -4h each day. Sessions will be conducted live during these times via CVR Teams. Sessions will be recorded (pending approval) and available to view within MS Teams for attendees in other time zones or who cannot attend the live session.  

After enrolling in the Course, attendees will receive an email message with similar information as noted here, including the help information below, as well as additional Course details.

CVR MS Teams Help Documentation:

After successful enrollment in the Course, it is strongly recommended to immediately install and troubleshoot CVR MS Teams, if not already in use.

ATTRS Credit:
Course enrollment is managed through the Army Public Health Center and NOT through ATRRS.  In order to receive ATRRS credit, an approved DA 3838 is required to be emailed to: with the email subject "Requesting ATRRS Credit" The DA 3838 must have the naming convention "LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_ATRRS".  Address the DA 3838 TO: DCS-PH / APHC, 8252 Blackhawk Rd., Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21010 and FROM the duty station you will be assigned during course execution.  Block 2 is required for ATRRS purposes.  Form must be signed.  Attendee must participate in
all AOC/MOS-specific content during the course. Upon completion of the course, all DA 3838’s will be submitted to ATRRS by the course director or designated alternate.

ATRRS questions can be directed to

The CPH exam is not able to be conducted over a virtual platform and cannot be offered.

Course Inquiries:
Email with questions

Course Schedule
There are no sessions scheduled at this time. Please check back later.

If no classes are available or fit your schedule... You can help us by letting us know you are interested in this course. Use the link below to provide us with the necessary information.

Email Question to Course Director