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2021 Army Public Health Course - Workshop 7 - The Power of People and Partners: Driving Change in Public Health
Instructional Method
Army Public Health Center
Target Audience

This is a critical time in the 21st century of public health. The Army and our Nation are battling with numerous health and readiness threats of obesity, infectious disease, substance abuse, suicide, housing concerns, domestic violence, extremism, and more. To meet these challenges head-on and embody the Army’s People First Strategy, as public health professionals we need to be leaders and strategists for the communities we serve. The last year has shown us that public health is a team sport and we are all critical players. We must be able to engage with people, partners, and communities to drive change by developing effective prevention strategies that improve the health of people, environments, workspaces, installations and places.

This workshop will provide strategies and tools for public health professionals in all disciplines to effectively plan, coordinate, implement, and evaluate prevention activities applicable to all echelons. Participants will build foundational skills in coalition-building, community health assessment, survey development and administration, program planning, and evaluation. Attendance at this workshop will enable you to be a more powerful member of the public health team to ensure conditions in which everyone can be healthy and mission-ready.


  1. Demonstrate the functions, applications and integrative processes used in coalition-building.
  2. Describe the importance of partnerships at all steps in the public health process and essential steps to engage and partner with internal and external stakeholders.
  3. Demonstrate understanding of why a community health assessment is important and where to access relevant data.
  4. Describe and identify appropriate tools for data collection, analysis and reporting of key performance indicators, measures of performance and measures of effectiveness.          
  5. Apply public health strategies, applications and techniques to plan and evaluate programs and initiatives that impact the health, wellness and readiness of Army communities.


Workshop Agenda

Title Date/Time Faculty Presenter(s) Presentation Description Workshop Goal #
 Ms. Mitvalsky

1. Describe the public health process for developing prevention activities to drive change for enhancing health and mission-readiness.
2. Discuss the importance of people and partners in all aspects of the public health process.

   Goal 2
Building Partnerships through Community Coalitions 0810-0910  Ms. Johnson

Ms. Rockwood
1. Describe and apply community coalition theory and frameworks.
2. Create a shared vision and mobilize energy toward goal achievement; manage organizational change and communication; overcome resistance to change
3. Apply appropriate integrative frameworks to identify community-wide problems and solutions.

 Goals 1 & 2
Public Health Surveys: Strategies to Collect Valid and Reliable Information and Respect People in the Process 0915-1015 Dr. Santo

Dr. Gomez

1. List the most common uses of surveys in public health
2. Summarize general survey design features (e.g., format, instructions, length, organization) to optimize response and minimize respondent burden
3. Describe common survey question and response option errors and strategies to reduce errors
4. Identify common respondent errors and general survey instrument factors that decrease measurement reliability and validity
5. Assess example survey questions and determine ways to enhance their measurement reliability and validity
6. Locate examples of low- and no-cost surveying technologies and resources to achieve health promotion survey needs
7. Describe the importance of partners in effective survey administration and list potential survey partners relevant to public health surveys in the Army

 Goals 2, 4, & 5
Make Certain to Evaluate: Ensuring All People are Exposed to High Quality, Effective Public Health Activities 1015-1115 Dr. Santo

Ms. Geary
1. Define program evaluation and its role in public health
2. Delineate the essential steps to program evaluation
3. Describe the primary types of evaluation
4. Describe the importance of partners in program evaluation and list potential partners relevant to program evaluation in the Army
5. List program evaluation regulations, resources, and tools for use within the Army

Goal 2, 4, & 5
1115 -1145         LUNCH BREAK

Logic Models as a Tool to Create a Shared Understanding among Partners in Public Health Planning and Evaluation
1145-1245 Dr. Cherry

Dr. Bickford
1. Define and describe the components of Logic Models.
2. Describe the purpose of Logic Models in program planning, development, and evaluation
3. Apply the Logic Model process to a case example (e.g. CR2C)
4. Explain how logic models can be used as a tool to enhance collaboration and partnerships in public health

Goals 2 & 5

Community Health Improvement: Assessment and Planning with Purpose 1250-1350 Ms. Ogledzinski

Ms. Mordi
1. Describe the purpose and steps of the community health improvement planning process.
2. Discuss how a community health assessments fits into the community health improvement planning process and the types/sources of data that can be leveraged in a community health assessment.
3. Identify critical partners to include in the community health improvement planning process to ensure multisector collaboration and optimal community engagement.
4. Discuss the role that action plans play in the community health improvement planning process.

Goals 2, 3, 4, & 5
The Way Ahead

1350 -1400 Ms. Mitvalsky 1. Re-emphasize the critical role of people and partners in all aspects of the public health process.
2. Identify strategies and tools to be an optimal public health partner in your community and on your installation.
  Goal 2

There are no prerequisites for this workshop.

The 2021 Army Public Health Course will be held 7-13 August 2021 on a virtual platform. There will not be a resident, in-person course.

The Army Public Health Course Director regrets that Foreign Nationals are NOT eligible to participate in the 2021 Army Public Health Course.

Before signing up for an individual workshop, you must sign-up for the overall Course 2021 Army Public Health Course - OnlineCourse ID: 170

Sponsor: Army Public Health Center

Workshop Format:

The 2021 Army Public Health Course - Workshop 7 - The Power of People and Partners: Driving Change in Public Health will be conducted Friday, August 13, 2021 over a virtual platform using Microsoft (MS) Teams.

Each attendee will be responsible for installing MS Teams on their respective computer and for ensuring MS Teams is functioning properly prior to the start of the Workshop. Very limited technical support will be available before and during the event. VPN connection may be required to use the new version of MS Teams; but additional MS Teams help and information will follow.


Workshop enrollment is managed through the Army Public Health Center

CEUs will be offered upon completion of the Workshop and confirmation of attendance.

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