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Taking IH Field Notes the DOEHRS-IH Way!
Instructional Method
Army Public Health Center
Target Audience
This is a BASIC level industrial hygiene class.


Course TitleCore CompetencyEnabling Learning Objectives
Taking IH Field Notes the DOEHRS-IH Way!Army IH Business PracticeAfter taking this class students will be able to:
List examples of data collected during period and baseline IH surveys.
1 Demonstrate use of the data collection tools/forms provided during this class.
2 Recognize data that is/is not collected during IH periodic surveys.

Course_LevelCourse LengthTerminal Learning Objectives (TLOs)TLOs addressed this class
This is a BASIC level course.37 min1 Apply current knowledge of the industrial hygiene scope of work, mission, inspection and survey techniques, health standards, action levels, regulations, policy and guidelines to evaluate the adequacy of compliance or conformance with all applicable occupational health standards and Federal regulations.
2 Knowledge of principles and practices related to managing the internal and external operations of  Army Industrial Hygiene to effectively accomplish mission objectives and goals, achieve customer satisfaction, develop strong relationships with other Army and external entities, and adhere to agency wide programs, policies, and procedures.
3 Knowledge, capabilities and practices associated with formulating, planning, implementing, managing, tracking and evaluating work and its associated requirements and risks, ranging from one-time projects to program-level work.  
4 Ability to grasp the essence of new information, Masters new technical and business knowledge, Recognize own strengths and weaknesses, and pursues self-development.
3 Knowledge, capabilities and practices associated with formulating, planning, implementing, managing, tracking and evaluating work and its associated requirements and risks, ranging from one-time projects to program-level work.

This Blackboard Learn self-development course supports the industrial hygiene work environments and industrial processes competency bydemonstrating use of the Basic Characterization, Periodic Survey, and Recording and Reporting tasks of the DoD Exposure AssessmentModel. This course is designed to teach students how to record field data for the Defense Occupational and Defense Occupational andEnvironmental Health Readiness System-Industrial Hygiene (DOEHRS-IH) web-based application. Not every staff member has access to theweb-based program or tablet computers while in the field. This course will provide information, templates, and examples. IndustrialHygiene staff members who will be actively entering data into the DOEHRS-IH application at an Industrial Hygiene Program Office are theprimary target audience, however the tools provided will be useful for any OHS professional. The instructor demonstrates use of a toolwhich will aid industrial hygienists in collecting and recording occupational health hazard data in the DOEHRS-IH data repository.


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Slide Deck notes pages will be available on Blackboard prior to the start of the course. You may wish to print these and have them available during class. Bring materials to take notes (pens, pencils, highlighter, self-stick tabs, etc.) A scientific calculator is required.


Certificates are issued to students who achieve a passing score. Attendance of all online module sections is required in order to receive a certificate for the module. ABIH provides CM points for this module to those who are eligible. CEUs are issued by Career Program 12 for this module to those who meet all passing requirements.



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Important Course Information:

1. Alerts and Notifications are posted on Blackboard homepage. ALWAYS READ & follow instructions provided to make your online learning experience a positive one. This Blackboard Course must be completed within 6 months of your enrollment. Enrollees that have been inactive for 6 months will be removed from the course.

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Go into "Tools" then "Internet Options"

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11. Technical difficulties may require you to contact course coordinator: Office hours 0600-1530ET.


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