The table below lists typical tasks and the navigation options designed to help you accomplish them. Find your task in the first column and follow across to the navigation option and description of the content it provides.

Your task

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I'm looking for general information about the Army Public Health Center.

About Us or Organization

Information documents containing general information. Organization provides access to web pages for each organizational unit within the Army Public Health Center.

About Us provides an overview of various disciplines within public health. Organization provides information about specific organizational units within the Army Public Health Center.

I’m looking for information about a particular subject.

Topics & Services or

A to Z Index

The Topics & Services directory with descriptions for: Major disciplines > Subject categories > Topics and Services web pages.


The A to Z Index with links to individual Topics pages and Services pages.

Topics and Services pages include all available resources about a particular subject including:

  1. Topic articles
  2. Service information
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Resource Materials
  5. Related Sites
  6. Training

I’m looking for a specific document.

Resource Materials

A list of links to publications and other materials that can be sorted and filtered by several characteristics

Full text documents

I’d like to order Health Information Products.

HIP eCatalog

A web application featuring our collection of health information products

Create an account to download or order physical copies of health information products

What training is available?


A list of links to available courses

Full course information for PHC courses, links to recommended training provided by other organizations, and request forms for on-site training provided by PHC

I’m looking for information on current health issues.

Featured Topics on the Home Page or Health Education Articles under News

A collection of links to content of particular interest

Quick access to topics, services, and resource materials

What’s new on the site?


A list of news releases, health education articles, and recently updated web pages grouped by discipline

Direct access to recently posted or revised content

What periodicals and reports are available?

Periodic Publications and Surveillance Reports under News

A list of available periodicals and surveillance reports

Options to view and subscribe to periodic publications and surveillance reports

I’m looking for information about a particular office.


The Army Public Health Command organizational hierarchy

General information about our various offices and links to related subject matter

I need to contact a particular office.

Contact Us

Contact information for offices in the organization

Office titles, phone numbers, e-mail and mailing addresses

I need to place a service request.

Request Services

A web application to request services

A form which will be routed to the appropriate office

I’d like an overview of what this site has to offer.

Site Map

An outline of the first few levels of the site’s hierarchy

Quick access to major directory pages throughout the site

I still can’t find what I’m looking for.


Site-wide search capability

Options for standard and advanced search with customized categories


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