Veterinary Treatment Facility Operations 
US Army SPC Green and PFC Relaford examine Scooter, privately owned animal 

Army Veterinary Treatment Facilities (VTFs) provide veterinary medical care to government-owned animals and to pets owned by personnel authorized DoD medical care, in accordance with Department of Defense (DoD) regulations. The level of veterinary medical care available through each facility depends upon the level of professional and civilian staffing.

If you have comments or feedback about a VTF, please email   Please include the VTF location in your email as your feedback and comments go to APHC and not to the individual VTF.

For specific VTF management information, visit the VTF Knowledge Management Center  external link (AKO, password protected).

Questions regarding Veterinary Treatment Facility Operations may be directed to the APHC Clinical Veterinary Medicine Program, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland.


Animal Import/Export Requirements

Animal import/export requirements may apply to family pets on a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move.

Pet Owner Announcements

An update on how the Army is improving the way we keep your pets healthy.


Remote Online Veterinary Record (ROVR)

Information regarding Remote Online Veterinary Record (ROVR) application for government owned animals (GOAs) and privately owned animals (POAs).

Veterinary Medical Standardization Board (VMSB)

The Veterinary Medical Standardization Board (VMSB) determines standards of veterinary medicine practiced within US Army Public Health Center. The standards include equipment, formularies, wellness packages, clinical operations, and medical guidelines.

Veterinary Services Central Fund (VSCF)

Veterinary Services Central Funds was developed to capitalize on the efficiencies of Non-appropriated Fund (NAF) manpower and prime vendor (PV) purchasing power into a stand-alone centralized fund under PHC control for all Veterinary Treatment Facilities.

Veterinary Treatment Facility Interactive Map

The Veterinary Treatment Facility Interactive Map helps you to find Veterinary Treatment Facilities near where you are located, or where you are moving.