Emergency Preparedness & Response 

Information on how to prepare for and respond to public health emergencies: man-made, CBRNE incidents and natural disasters.

emergency responders using personal protective measures


Biological Emergency

Information on biological agents and bioterrorism including animals and food issues.

Chemical Emergency

Information on chemical agents and response pertinent to the health and safety of military personnel, DoD workers, civilians, animals and food in various potential exposure settings, including accidents and terrorist or military attacks.

Explosion Emergency

Information on explosions and their health effects on humans, animals, and food.

Natural Disaster

Includes information on hurricanes, earthquakes, oil spills, flooding, wildfires, tornadoes, snow and ice, drought and extreme heat. Also includes information on animal and food issues during natural disasters and weather emergencies.

Nuclear Emergency

Radiological hazards arising from a nuclear emergency are addressed by health physics professionals who are members of the Specialized MEDCOM Response Capabilities - Public Health team. Animals and food will also be affected during a nuclear emergency.

Radiological Emergency

Information on radiation, ionizing radiation, and nuclear threats, effects and emergencies. Animals and food will also be affected during a radiation emergency.