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Macropod Imaging 

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The Macropod is a macro imaging device that can be carried in a backpack and set up in the field for ultra-high resolution photography of insect vectors with rapid posting to the internet for species identification and dissemination to deployed soldiers.  The Macropod was designed and developed here at the Entomological Sciences Program in the Environmental Health Engineering Portfolio at the U.S. Army Institute of Public Health.  The patent has been applied for through the U.S. Army Medical Research Material Command.

Macropod imaging

The following are included in this collection of Macro-images - Arthropods of Medical Significance (10MB):


        Aedes aegypti

2.       Aedes albopictus

3.       Aedes vexans

4.       Lone star tick - Amblyomma americanum

5.       Anopheles punctipennis

6.       Anopheles stephensi

7.       Bed-bug - Cimex lectularius

        American dog tick - Dermacentor variabilis


Blacklegged tick (a.k.a. deer tick) - Ixodes scapularis

2.       Psorophora ferox

3.       Brown dog tick - Rhipicephalus sanguineus

4.       Sandfly - Phlebotomus papatasi

5.       Stinkbug - Halyomorpha halys

6.       Tabanus species

7.       Toxorhynchites rutilus

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