Health Risk Communication 
Sign, "Black Water," displayed near burnpit 

Health risk communication fosters relationships among stakeholders that establish mutual respect and inspire collaborative problem solving.  Risk communication strategies account for emotions, agendas and misperceptions associated with an issue, so the mission can be completed successfully.



  • Assist with health risk identification and analysis
  • Develop strategies to initiate productive dialogue to facilitate stakeholder relationships
  • Offer rapid response and crisis communication support
  • Create and deliver risk communication training courses, tailored to specific issues or mission needs
  • Conduct document review to incorporate effective risk communication techniques


Health Risk Communication Consultation

The APHC provides a variety of health risk communication consultation services, including comprehensive support to help organizations proactively identify, analyze, and plan for risk communication issues before they become impediments to your mission.

Health Risk Communication Training

The Army Public Health Center (APHC) offers a variety of health risk communication training courses. Training courses are open to all military services, DoD, civilian personnel, contractors working on DoD projects, and other government agencies.