Deployment & Environmental Health 

 Deployed environment The Army Public Health Center provides services and information pertinent to maintaining and improving environmental health on installations and in deployment locations. These services include information on environmental quality to include air quality, water quality, solid waste, medical waste, and operational noise hazards; field preventive medicine; environmental medicine; environmental surveillance and data archiving; health risk assessment; threat assessment; entomology and pest management, and health risk communication.

For all Deployment Occupational Environmental Health Surveillance (DOEHS) assistance
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Deployment Environmental Surveillance Program


Air Quality

Air quality is a broad discipline that covers both health effects and pollution prevention.

Entomology and Pest Management

Information on protecting the soldier from the health threat posed by vector-borne disease and medically important pests and to minimize the adverse effects of pesticides.

Environmental Medicine

Evaluation of the relationship between exposures to environmental contaminants and chemical releases to short term and long term health effects includes medical and epidemiological analyses.

Field Preventive Medicine

Information for field preventive medicine units on countering environmental, occupational and disease health threats.


Information on identifying and evaluating the impact of known or potential releases of hazardous constituents to the soil or groundwater and the evaluation of solid waste management practices and facilities.

Health Risk Assessment, Surveillance & Management

Information on environmental health risk assessment, environmental surveillance and surveillance data management, global threat assessment, technical risk communication and studies, and health education programs. Information is also included on the DoD and U.S. Army liaisons with the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR).

Health Risk Communication

Information on health risk communication consultation and training.

Operational Noise

Information on assessing and managing noise impacts generated by military operations

Surface and Storm Water

Information on surface water and storm water quality management at fixed and field activities.

Waste Management

Information on the evaluation of hazardous waste and materials, and regulated medical waste management problems.


Information on wastewater quality management at fixed and field activities.