Surface and Storm Water
Surface Water Investigations 


Surface water-body

Surface water quality is governed by water quality criteria and standards.  These affect several surface water factors including:

·         Mixing zone delineations
·         Stream assessments and diversity studies
·         Aquatic bioaccumulation investigations
·         Fish kill investigations
·         Wetlands delineation consultation
·         Wetlands treatment system evaluations
·         Ecological risk assessments
·         Ecological assessments of streams, rivers, ponds, lakes; including diversity studies
·         Compliance and consultations for Natural Resources programs and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) programs


The Water Resources Program’s biologists and engineers perform on-site assessments to use all of the above factors to determine compliance with state and local surface water regulations.   Surface waters connect many DoD installations to other waterways in the United States and abroad, so their quality and content must be closely monitored for compliance. 

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