Surface and Storm Water 

Information on identifying and evaluating the impact of known or potential releases of hazardous constituents to surface waters and from storm water runoff. Services include surface water investigations, water sampling, risk assessments, compliance evaluations, storm water pollution prevention planning, spill prevention planning, permit assistance, and other consultative services.  



Pollution Prevention

Information from the APHC pertaining to pollution prevention.

Public Education and Outreach

Information from the APHC pertaining to public education and outreach concerning water resources.

Scientific Dive Team

Information on scientific assessment of aquatic environments.


Information on sustainable water practices such as water reuse.


Nonpoint Source Pollution

Information from the APHC on surface water investigations at firing ranges, impact areas, and field training sites.

Oil, Hazardous Substances, and Underground Storage Tanks

Information pertaining to oil, hazardous substances, and underground storage tanks.

Storm Water Management

Information from the APHC pertaining to storm water management.

Surface Water Investigations

Information from the APHC pertaining to surface water investigations.

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