Behavioral and Social Health Outcomes Practice (BSHOP) 
BSHOP Services 

BSHOP’s staff is divided into two main branches:
Behavioral Health Monitoring and Field Investigations & Evaluation.
Though each branch has unique functions, cross-section collaboration provides optimal integration of information. BSHOP also has leadership and product development teams.


Learn more about BSHOP's primary functions and the information and services provided to the U.S. Army: 
Behavioral Health Monitoring Branch  
Field Investigations and Evaluation Branch


Army Behavioral Health Integrated Data Environment (ABHIDE)

The Army Behavioral Health Integrated Data Environment

Army DoDSER Resources

This page contains information and resources for the Army Public Health Center (Provisional)'s Army Department of Defense Suicide Event Report (DoDSER) program.

Behavioral Health Risk Assessment Data Report (BH-RADR)

The BH-RADR, released annually, contains data regarding behavioral health diagnoses, encounters, and referrals among active-duty Army. Data collected from deployment health assessments, as well as annual health assessments, are analyzed and reported.

The Surveillance of Suicidal Behavior Publication (SSBP)

This annual SSBP presents characteristics of suicidal behavior (suicides, attempts, and ideation) among active-duty Regular Army, activated National Guard, and activated US Army Reserve Soldiers.


Behavioral Health Monitoring Branch

BHM branch is responsible for routine monitoring and reporting of behavioral health trends among Soldiers in the Army.

Field Investigations and Evaluation Branch

Provide field investigation services and program evaluation expertise and support upon request or tasking.