Health Surveillance & Evaluation 

Information on the status, trends, and factors that determine the health and fitness of the U.S. Army. Within this section you will find information on Behavioral Health and Social Outcomes, Disease Epidemiology, Injury Prevention, and Professional Medical Education.


Behavioral and Social Health Outcomes Practice (BSHOP)

BSHOP identifies patterns, issues, and risk and protective factors associated with behavioral and social health to mitigate adverse outcomes.

Disease Epidemiology

Information on the surveillance of deployed and non-deployed population data; response to communicable disease outbreaks; and analysis of selected epidemiologic data.

Injury Prevention Epidemiology

Information and resources on reducing injury rates Army-wide through routine surveillance, evidence-based recommendations, rigorous program and policy evaluation, and collaboration.

Professional Medical Education

Information on graduate medical education for physicians in General Preventive Medicine.

Public Health Assessment & Program Evaluation

The purpose of public health assessment is to demonstrate the success or progress of programs, examine their strengths and weaknesses, identify best practices and improve the design and implementation of programs.