Weight Management 

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TG 358 Army Weight Management Guide (APHC)

Being a Soldier means being physically able and healthy enough to perform your duties. TG 358 is designed to help Soldiers meet the Army body composition standards              per AR 600-9.

Army Weight Management 

Government Resources

 Soldier eating APD: The Army Body Composition Program (AR 600-9) external link 

This updated Army Regulation (AR) 600-9 will be effective 28 July 2013.  It provides revised strategic policy oversight, interpretation, and guidance that enhance readiness of the total force. AR 600-9 provides guidance found in the Department of Defense Instruction 1308.1 which establishes a body composition program and guidance for body fat standards across the services.

Fit for PerformanceFit for Performance: A Weight Management Program                (Link to NEW BROCHURE Coming Soon!)

Fit for Performance is a scientifically based lifestyle and behavior modification program designed to help Soldiers lose weight and/or body fat, improve military readiness and job performance, and lower risk of weight-related diseases. 

Contact your local Health Readiness Platform to learn more about this program.

General Weight Management

Government Resources Weight Management external link       

Provides up-to-date, science-based information on weight control, obesity, physical activity, and related nutritional issues; includes a section on commonly asked questions concerning weight management.

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USDA Super Tracker external link  Provides information for adults on how to personalize a daily food and activity plan to help you lose weight.  Helps you analyze what you eat and create healthy plates which includes incorporating a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables to your meals and snacks. 


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CDC Overweight and Obesity Statistics external link            

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides data and statistics on Adult and Childhood obesity and U.S. obesity trends; also provides information on various surveillance systems.


Healthy Weight and Physical Fitness Tools

Government Resource

BMI Calculator  external link (CDC)

Body Mass Index (BMI) provides fairly reliable indicator of body fatness for most people, and it is used to screen for weight categories that may lead to health problems.

How to Measure Your Waist Circumference external link (CDC)

You’ll find an illustration of how to accurately measure your waist circumference and interpret the results.  A large waist circumference places you at greater risk for developing obesity-related conditions, such as Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, and coronary artery disease.

 Non-Government Resource

Target Heart Rate Calculator external link (American Cancer Society)

Helps calculate appropriate heart rate based on your age for a safe and effective exercise session. (Consult with your physician to also help you determine your target heart rate.)