Laboratory Sciences  

Laboratory sciences services, including toxicological evaluation, are part of the occupational and environmental health assessment and medical surveillance process.       

 Laboratory Sciences

Test tubes


Purple smoke


Inhalation toxicology studies are one of the unique capabilities of
the Toxicity Evaluation Program.  Signal and obscurant smokes
used by military personnel are often the subject of these studies.


Analytical Spectrometry and Chromatographic Analysis

DoD Food Analysis and Diagnostics

The DoD Food Analysis and Diagnostics Laboratory conducts microbiological, chemical, and toxicological testing of food and bottled water and zoonotic and diagnostic testing of animal and human sera for vector-transmitted diseases.

Laboratory Sample Management

Information on laboratory sample management and sample analysis.


Toxicity evaluations, toxicity clearances, wildlife toxicity assessments, and environmental health assessments are some of the products used to evaluate risks posed by military-unique and military-relevant substances.