Veterinary Services
Animal Medicine Program 

NOTE: As of 31 July 2015, PHCR-Europe has transitioned to the Regional Health Command - Europe. The information here is provided as a courtesy and may not be up-to-date.

Within Public Health Command Region-Europe (PHCR-Europe), veterinarians utilize their training and experience to provide primary care for all government-owned animals in Europe. PHCR-Europe also operates one of the largest veterinary hospitals within the DoD capable of providing Level IV veterinary care for Military Working Dogs (MWDs) along with referral care and emergency medicine for MWDs in EUCOM, CENTCOM, and AFRICOM. While providing care for MWDs is a primary focus, PHCR-Europe also operates veterinary treatment facilities throughout Europe providing routine care for service members’ pets. Through routine vaccination and wellness programs, PHCR-Europe veterinarians are able to improve animal health while minimizing the risk of zoonotic disease. Routine surgical procedures are performed at most veterinary treatment facilities, while more advanced procedures can be offered on a consultation basis. PHCR-Europe also actively monitors international pet travel requirements to ensure a smooth transition for service members and their pets to their next duty assignment.

PHCR-Europe veterinarians play a large role in veterinary public health. PHCR-Europe works closely with Preventative Medicine (PM) to ensure that each installation maintains a successful rabies prevention program to include surveillance and consultation on all reported human-animal bite cases. Through teamwork, PHCR-Europe and PM are able to ensure that service members and their families receive the most appropriate treatment by assessing the rabies risk for the area. The public health component of PHCR-Europe's mission extends to local Child Development Centers as well. All animals utilized by installation CDC’s are routinely examined by PHCR-Europe veterinarians to ensure that they are healthy and provided with proper care. PHCR-Europe also focuses on educating the community regarding local pet laws and by actively participating in various Garrison-sponsored events.