Health Risk Management Division (HRMD) [PHCR-North] 

NOTE: As of 30 September 2015, PHCR-North has transitioned to the Regional Health Command - Atlantic (Provisional).  The information here is provided as a courtesy and may not be up-to-date.

    Field air quality must consider local industry.    Field water quality is a priority.    Field soil quality is a health concern.
  Maintaining Soldiers' health in field conditions requires surveillance of (from left to right) air, water, and soil quality.

Our Services

  • Technical Assistance Visits (TAV): Didactic and practical interactions on deployment environmental surveillance techniques and procedures; sanitary control and surveillance of field water supplies, food, waste management, detainee care; entomological surveillance and pest control operations; and operational health risk management and communication. TAV duration and extent is based on unit's request.
  • Deployment Occupational and Environmental Health Surveillance (DOEHS) training and support:  Either as a portion of the TAVs or as a stand-alone training, we provide requesting units with on-site training on environmental sampling to include air, soil, and both treated both treated and raw water.                               
  • Culminating Training Exercises (CTE):  A 3-day scenario-based exercise designed to evaluate Medical Detachment (PM) readiness specifically in its preventive medicine-related individual and collective tasks.  CTE is a required external evaluation event for Medical Detachments (PM) deploying overseas.
  • Training opportunities for Department of Defense and other governmental organizations:  Do you have a unit or students interested in receiving field preventive medicine-oriented training or familiarization? Are you a National Guard or Reserve unit not currently slated to deploy but who nonetheless desires a TAV, CTE, or training? Contact us directly for more information.
  • Health Risk Management Medicine Logistical Assistance visits:  We provide consultative services on preventive medicine equipment to all customers in our region.
  • Consultative Services to preventive medicine customers:  We can provide consultative services on other preventive medicine services not covered here.

Who can we train?
Any Army preventive medicine personnel (Active Duty, Reserve, or National Guard) within our region can receive training.  If a unit is on deployment orders, training will be at no cost to the unit.

What can we train?
We provide both technical and operational training.  Technical training involves hands-on instruction with specialized deployment surveillance equipment and preventive medicine medical equipment sets.  Operationally, we train units on preventive medicine capabilities and components, medical intelligence, preventive medicine resources, operational health risk management, and communication.

When and where is training conducted?
We are available to train units all year.  Training can take place at the unit's location or at our office.  Each training event is designed to fit the needs of the unit and can be anywhere from an afternoon to a multi-day exercise.                             .

How can you request training?
Contact us by phone or email listed on our Organization Page.  Let us know what your training needs are, and we'll get started!


An FPMD instructor explains the functions of air sampling equipment.
An FPMD instructor explains the functions of
air sampling equipment.

Soldiers learn how to prevent arthropod-borne disease in the field.
Soldiers learn how to prevent arthropod-borne diseases
in the field.

 An FPMD instructor explains how to use a Wet Bulb Globe Thermometer.
An FPMD instructor explains how to use a
Web Bulb Globe Thermometer.

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