Industrial Hygiene

soldier completing reportThe Defense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness System-Industrial Hygiene (DOEHRS-IH)

DOEHRS-IH Monthly Refresher Training is offered through announced sessions in Defense Collaborative Services (DCS) external link icon.

Every person with a DOEHRS-IH production user account is notified by email prior to the scheduled refresher training sessions.
The training is live and interactive between the students and the instructor.

Refresher training is recorded in DCO and can be viewed anytime.
Recorded refresher training is listed in the DOEHRS-IH production application in the "Resource" tile under "User Documentation."

The "cheat sheet" (below) will make it easier for an IH doing fieldwork to identify and assign the most similar process on the list to a process in the shop they're surveying.
The cheat sheet is useful because DOEHRS-IH is such a process centric application, and a disciplined common process selection in the basic characterization step will support establishing Similar Exposure Groups (SEGs).
 Process Cheat Sheet for Fieldwork.

Please see below for information on DOEHRS-IH Webinars

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How to become a DOEHRS-IH Super Star

ü Do feel like you use DOEHRS-IH more than other program offices?
Do you feel unnoticed?
Do you feel like you have done great IH things with DOEHRS-IH?

Email the Industrial Hygiene Training Coordinator a brief synopsis about a new idea, a faster way, or a milestone you just met. Your Program Office just may be nominated as the monthly DOEHRS-IH Super Star.

If you are an IH program manager and/or preventive medicine personnel who is responsible for completing the mandatory ACSIM Installation Status Report (ISR) and the AMEDD Command Management System (CMS), this task has gotten easier. 

The IH metrics for these quarterly data calls are automatically collected from the DOEHRS-IH for the previous quarter.

Collection dates for the ISR and CMS 2010 are 31 March, 30 June, 30 September and 31 December.soldier collecting data

You will not enter data locally for the IH metrics listed in the table below.
You will be able to review, but not modify, the data. 
You will be able to enter comments to the ISR, but not to the CMS.

It is vital that your DOEHRS-IH data is current and accurate.

If you need assistance in upgrading your skills in DOEHRS data collection and entry, a monthly training session is regularly scheduled for the last Thursday of each month, with the exception of November and December.
For these two months, the refresher is held on the 3rd Thursday. 

The DOEHRS-IH Refresher Training is announced well in advance to DOEHRS-IH account holders. 

In addition, the metric lists the DOEHRS-IH data fields that should be completed to provide data for each metric.  

The ISR, CMS, and DOEHRS-IH are all Army mandated systems that support Presidential Directives and Army Regulations.

·       For more information on the ISR external link icon

·      For more information on the CMS (login required) external link icon

Army IHs are tasked to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and control occupational health hazards at medical treatment facilities and installations worldwide.

In order to accomplish these tasks, an IH conducts evaluations or surveys at the workplace operations to determine the employees’ (both military and civilian) potential exposures to chemical, physical, biological, and ergonomics hazards.

The information that is gathered during these evaluations, including worker exposure monitoring results, is entered into the DOEHRS-IH.
This database collection system is used throughout the DoD.

DOEHRS-IH records contain a history of individual worker pre-deployment, deployment, and post-deployment exposures.

The data can then be analyzed and utilized by environmental, safety and occupational health practitioners to prioritize preventive medicine actions.

This includes a baseline to facilitate exposure-based medical surveillance and post-deployment follow-up, allocation of resources, implementation of controls, and development of appropriate training programs.

All these actions enhance combat readiness by focusing efforts to reduce workplace exposures, illnesses, and injuries.

DoD IH Exposure Assessment Model and DOEHRS-IH

The data collection modules in the DOEHRS-IH are based on an IH exposure assessment model developed by the DoD IH Working Group.

 DoD IH Exposure Assessment Model Report - January 2000 (CAC required) external link icon

This model describes an 8-step exposure assessment strategy for use by field-level IHs to collect and evaluate IH exposure data throughout DoD.

The model applies to IH risk assessments performed on DoD operations ranging from peacetime fixed facilities to military field deployments and afloat, and for exposures ranging from repetitive industrial maintenance operations to one-time exposures to ambient chemical, biological, and physical stresses.

Please review the PowerPoint presentation for a snapshot of the  DoD Exposure Assessment Model.