Industrial Hygiene
Hazardous Materials Information Resource System (HMIRS) 

The  Hazardous Materials Information Resource SystemExternal Link (HMIRS) is the central repository for Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for the U.S. Government military services and civil agencies.

HMIRS is a Department of Defense (DoD) automated system developed and maintained by the Defense Logistics Agency.

It also contains value-added information input by the service/agency focal points.

This value-added data includes HAZCOM warning labels and Department of Transportation information.

HMIRS provides this data for hazardous materials purchased by the Federal Government through the DoD and civil agencies.

The system assists Federal Government personnel who handle, store, transport, use, or dispose of hazardous materials.


Contact Information

HELP DESK – for general customer service questions
Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS) Customer Contact Center

1-877-DLA-Call (352-2255)
269-961-7791 (commercial)
DSN 661-7791
Admin email:

HELP DESK – for specific product/article/data information
Defense Supply Center Richmond (DSCR)



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