Industrial Hygiene
IH Equipment Services 

IH Equipment Services

TrainingLarson Davis Spark 706 Noise Dosimeter

Based on customer requirements, comprehensive equipment training and sampling guidance can be provided.  
Equipment training is conducted at:

Note: The Basic Industrial Hygiene Course is an AMEDD C&S Course, it is not an APHC course.
Must contact AMEDD C&S for registration or help with course registration.

Most Requested Instruments

These are the top 10 instruments requested by our customers:
If you are an Army employee and wish to receive information on any IH equipment please email:       Army Industrial Hygiene

 Alnor EBT721                                                                                   


 Gilian Air Sampling Pump model Gilair-5 

 Jerome Mercury Vapor Analyzer 

 Larson Davis Noise Dosimeter w/Calibrator and IR Unit 

 MultiRAE IR Multi Gas Analyzer 

 Quest Temp 34 Thermal Environmental Monitor 

 SKC Constant Flow Air Sampling Pump Model 224-44XR

 TSI Q-Trak Indoor Air Quality Monitor Model 7565

Use of trademark name(s) does not imply endorsement by the U.S. Army but is intended only to assist in the identification of a specific product.


Prior to being shipped to a customer, all IH equipment requested is listed, by the IH Lab Manager, on DA Form 3161, “Request for Issue or Turn-In.”
The DA 3161 will represent all equipment and supplies originally requested by the customer.

This form MUST be signed and returned to the IH Equipment Lab as soon as the equipment is received and inventoried by the customer.
Upon equipment return to the lab, all items will be inventoried against the original DA 3161.


Installations must submit all equipment requests through their supporting Regional Health Command. Please contact the corresponding Regional Health Command IH Program
for immediate assistance.

  • RHC-A 301-677-3426
  • RHC-C 210-221-3284
  • RHC-E 314-486-8237
  • RHC-P 315-263-8497

However, if the Regional Health Commands are unable to support the installation,
then they should submit a written request to the APHC IH Laboratory.

A written request must include the following information:

  • Survey Location
  • Survey dates
  • WBS #
  • Equipment model and description
  • Number of equipment requested
  • Return date (maximum of 30 days)
  • Name of requestor
  • Full address
  • Contact number(s)
  • Email address

Please also include your supervisor’s full name, phone number, and email address.

Submit equipment requests to APHC IH Laboratory: Army Industrial Hygiene

Note: Equipment requests outside of APHC will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis prior to submission to the IH Lab.


1.  How soon will you ship an instrument? 
We will try to ship as quickly as we can. Normal range of time is usually 7-10 business days.
Please note that all equipment requests should be at least 45 days in advance in order to fulfill your request in a timely manner.

2.  What is the shipping policy? 
The customer pays for shipping, which must be secure and insured (such as FedEx or USPS).
The return shipping tracking number must be provided to the IH Equipment Lab by email at the time it is shipped.

3.  Calibration? 
Every instrument the APHC IH Equipment Lab loans out is calibrated according to manufacturer’s requirements, technical manual (TM) or the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

4.  Costs?
There is no cost to borrow IH Equipment.
If we don’t have the equipment the customer needs, such as a particular type of calibration gas or sensor, the customer will need to take measures to purchase it.
Note: some specialty gases or sensors could take up to 4-6 weeks for delivery.

5.  What happens when an instrument breaks or doesn’t work properly? 
We will attempt to remedy the problem by eliminating the possibility of user error by phone.
If that doesn’t work, the instrument must be shipped back to the IH Equipment Lab for further evaluation.
The customer will be responsible for any damage to instruments beyond normal wear and usage.